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2016 May 21, 11:33
Awesome—ScreenToGIF 2 is out! Lets you record a portion of your screen, edit afterwards, and export as animated GIF. 

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2015 Mar 4, 5:21
Great resource. I always wondered what was "animatable" via CSS and what wasn't. Now I know. …

On The Verge, Joshua Topolsky interviews Neil deGrasse Tyson on...

2012 Apr 4, 7:10

On The Verge, Joshua Topolsky interviews Neil deGrasse Tyson on the Badass meme which results in animated GIFs ready for meme-ification.  Including this one from BrettBrown of Joshua calling it.

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2012 Mar 7, 7:56

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Mothereffing animated gif

2012 Feb 17, 7:31

Client side animated GIF creator web app.

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(via Stereogranimator: transform historical stereographs from...

2012 Jan 30, 8:47

(via Stereogranimator: transform historical stereographs from NYPL archives into animated gifs and 3d images)

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Animated GIF From Wedding

2010 Jun 13, 3:47From Angie's photos of my wedding there's a sequence of four photos where everyone's holding still except me. Of course I turned this into an animated GIF using GIF Make, to produce my animated wedding GIF. I don't embed the image in the HTML because it is really irritating.PermalinkCommentswedding animated photo personal gif

Schneier on Security: Alerting Users that Applications are Using Cameras, Microphones, Etc.

2010 May 24, 6:26"What You See is What They Get: Protecting users from unwanted use of microphones, cameras, and other sensors," by Jon Howell and Stuart Schechter.

"We introduce the sensor-access widget, a graphical user interface element that resides within an application's display. The widget provides an animated representation of the personal data being collected by its corresponding sensor, calling attention to the application's attempt to collect the data."

Not sure how well that scales...PermalinkCommentstechnical security privacy research

We Love xkcd, Real Live Version of Animated Version of xkcd Loves the Discovery Channel

2010 Feb 21, 2:54Internet folk sing about their love of various nerdy things ala xkcd comic of similar namePermalinkCommentscory-doctorow wil-wheaton video xkcd humor music song internet meme

Netflix Watch Instantly Recommendations

2009 May 3, 9:17
WeedsAvatar The Last AirbenderPaprikaGrindhouse Planet TerrorOutsourcedThe King of KongPrimer

Netflix lets you watch a subset of their movies online via their website and a subset of those movies are available to watch on the Xbox 360's Netflix app. so its not always easy to find movies to watch on Xbox 360. Yet, I regularly see my Xbox friends using the Netflix app and its a shame they didn't make an easy way to share movie recommendations with your friends. Instead we must share movie recommendations the old fashioned way. Here's the movies I've found and enjoyed on my 360.

You don't have to be a stoner to enjoy this humorous and dramatic satire featuring a widow trying to raise her children and deal pot in suburbia.
Avatar The Last Airbender
An American animated series that's an amalgamation of various Asian art, history, religion, etc. that maintains a great story line.
If you enjoyed Paranoia Agent you'll enjoy this movie in the same animation style and by the same director and writer, Satoshi Kon. Its like a feature length version of a Paranoia Agent episode in which a dream machine lets outsiders view one's dreams but eventually leads to blurring the dreams and reality.
Grindhouse Planet Terror
I didn't see either of the Grindhouse movies when they first came out, but of the two, Planet Terror is the more humorous and exciting gore filled parody.
A refreshing romantic comedy that still has a few of the over played tropes but is easy to enjoy despite that.
The King of Kong
A hilarious documentary on the struggle between the reigning champ hot-sauce salesman and the underdog Washington state high school science teacher to obtain the Donkey Kong world record high score. After watching, checkout this interview with the creators of the movie and the villain.
I've mentioned Primer before, but I put it on here again because its really good and you still haven't seen it, have you?
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HEMA - online winkelen

2008 Feb 6, 11:15A flash animated advertisement that starts as a regular website but turns into a kind of Rube Goldberg. I especially appreciate the automated scrolling.PermalinkCommentsadvertising animation art flash browser

Pimpstar animated wheels -- "a huge leap forward in the evolution of the wheel" - Boing Boing

2008 Jan 8, 6:43The promotional video for this wheel feels like the beginning of a porn video. Images are delivered wirelessly to the wheels but the site doesn't say what protocol. I really hope they didn't consider security.PermalinkCommentshumor wheel pimpstar video car via:boingboing

Zune Arts

2007 Dec 13, 4:54Some interesting animated videos created for the Zune Ad campaign but created by actual artists.PermalinkCommentszune art advertising animation design flash microsoft music video

Awesome Movies Unknown to Me

2007 Aug 12, 2:50Thanks to Netflix I've been able to enjoy several movies that I'd never heard of.

Brick is a classic PI film set in a modern high school. Its fun figuring out which high school students correspond to which film noir archetypes.

Primer is a sci-fi movie but it doesn't focus on action or effects. Its like watching an excellent Twilight Zone episode. I hate to describe this any further for fear of giving something away.

The Amazing Screw-On Head is an animated version of the one shot comic. It feels like the 1800s precursor to the The Venture Bros. and stars Screw-On Head, a steam-punk robot head thing and Abe Lincoln's top spy for occult matters.

The Quiet Earth is the movie version of the book about a man who awakes one day to find himself alone(... or is he?) It was made in the 80s and in Australia but don't hold that against it.PermalinkCommentsscifi primer movie amazing screw-on head personal netflix brick the quiet earth

reAnimator: Regular Expression FSA Visualizer

2007 Jul 22, 8:38Animated interactive graph of the FSM used to parse any regex and corresponding string you enter.PermalinkCommentsregex flash visualization fsm interactive howto language


2006 Nov 13, 12:34Crazy animated flash deals. Crazy.PermalinkCommentscool webdesign weird humor flash interactive art animation

YouTube - My Animated World

2006 Sep 14, 10:17Cool stopmotion video.PermalinkCommentshumor video nintendo youtube stopmotion videogames
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