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YouTube - Louis Vuitton "SUPERFLAT MONOGRAM"

2009 Jul 9, 10:53"...but the inside of his stomach is gateway to a psychadelic wonderland." Need I quote more? The whole thing made me think of a rather upbeat and trippy episode of Lain. Also, one of the repeating noises in the soundtrack made me think I was finishing a lap in Mario Kart.PermalinkCommentsvideo art ad commercial anime animation louis-vuitton superflat Takashi-Murakami cute psychadelic


2008 Jul 11, 1:39Some tracks from Paranoia Agent released by the composer Susumu Hirasawa. That series freaked the hell out of me.PermalinkCommentsanime music mp3 paranoia-agent susumu-hirasawa

OS-Tan - Gallery: Lamest Technology Mascots Ever (Wired)

2007 May 2, 1:00Apparently there's something called OS-tan in which Windows OSes are represented as anime styled characters. Very odd.PermalinkCommentsarticle os-tan humor images weird anime

Digg Drop

2006 Aug 13, 9:33PermalinkCommentsblog free internet japanese movie video tv anime
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