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2012 May 6, 3:01

Answers those questions like “When will the Sun boil away the Earth’s oceans?” and “When will the Sun burn out?”, but brings up new questions like which supercontinent configuration will win? I’m hoping for Pangea Ultima as it has the best name.

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NOVA | The Pluto Files | Hate Mail from Third Graders (non-Flash) | PBS

2010 Apr 15, 2:52Scans of some of a few instances of hate mail Neil deGrasse Tyson received from elementary school students after demoting Pluto to non-planet status.
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NASA - Ohio Astronauts

2010 Feb 22, 10:18Ohio is home to a disproportionate number of US astronauts. Something like 24 out of 190 (12%). Compare that to the population of Ohio around 11 million out of the 312 million US population (3%).PermalinkCommentsastronomy ohio astronaut

Videos tagged with Neil deGrasse Tyson | | The Colbert Report | Comedy Central

2009 Jan 7, 7:02All the appearances Neil deGrasse Tyson has made on The Colbert Report. Especially good are the ep from 08/17/2006 containing planetary trashtalk and 02/13/2008 where Stephen learns how to become an astrophysicist.PermalinkCommentsneil-degrasse-tyson colbert-report stephen-colbert science video humor tv astronomy

TED | Talks | Stephen Petranek: 10 ways the world could end (video)

2007 Nov 6, 8:06TED talk on ten ways the world could end that no one thinks about.PermalinkCommentsastronomy video ted humor science earth technology stephen-petranek


2007 Apr 8, 11:26A collaborative interactive map of the sky (as seen from Earth).PermalinkCommentsastronomy map earth science visualization collaboration
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