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Sci-fi short stories disguised as Internet docs

2013 May 29, 2:48
The recent short story Twitter API returning results that do not respect arrow of time by Tim May written as a Twitter bug report reminded me of a few other short sci-fi stories written in the style of some sort of Internet document:
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Alex Claps (by Sarah Moffatt) Sarah chose the music =)

2012 May 7, 5:45

Alex Claps (by Sarah Moffatt)

Sarah chose the music =)

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Star Trek: TNG Season 8 illustration has us longing for more [Star Trek]

2012 Mar 5, 3:17

Fictional plot summaries of TNG S8 episodes.    Like:

  • Q’s back: he’s wearing scuba gear and needs Picard’s help dumping his girlfriend. Barclay accidentally locks himself outside the ship.
  • Geordie and Data nurse a space bird back to health, and are sad when they have to release it. Picard is trapped in a turbolift with a baby.
  • Starfleet sends a cantankerous admiral to boss around Picard during delicate peace talks. Data seems to have mastered bragging.
  • Riker’s ex-girlfriend arrives and dies, leaving behind a pile of glowing dust and a mystery. Picard is trapped on a turbolift with a horse.
  • A planet of suspicious docents abduct Riker for their museum of amazing men. Geordi and Data are too excited to sleep at their sleepover.
  • Picard is trapped inside a sentient turbolift. A clip show highlights the most memorable “Picard is trapped on a turbolift” moments.
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The Blowholes - Summerbaby (Pete & Pete Reunion 2-24-12) (by...

2012 Mar 2, 4:48

The Blowholes - Summerbaby (Pete & Pete Reunion 2-24-12) (by matt00092)


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Alex asleep in baby chair

2012 Jan 14, 3:17


Alex asleep in baby chair

2012 Jan 14, 3:17


Bath Time for Baby Sloths | Too Cute (by AnimalPlanetTV)

2012 Jan 10, 11:58

Bath Time for Baby Sloths | Too Cute (by AnimalPlanetTV)

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Alex tries baby food

2012 Jan 3, 12:02
Alex tries baby food for the first time.
From: David Risney
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Alex tries baby food

2012 Jan 3, 11:59


Alex tries baby food

2012 Jan 3, 11:59


Man Unfortunately Sleeps Like Baby

2011 Oct 18, 7:16
Just discussing this recently. Maybe sleeps like a baby is meant to indicate the depth of the sleep and not the duration?

Baby onesies office redocorate

2011 Sep 24, 12:43

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Baby Room (Pre Baby)

2011 Aug 7, 2:22

Link Baby Costume, This Time with Baby - Dawwwww - Kotaku

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Video: Project Natal invades Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

2009 Jun 12, 12:37"Last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Microsoft's Kudo Tsunoda brought along his baby, Project Natal, and let Jimmy Fallon, John Krasinski, and Stephen Moyer go to town. The footage has made its way onto Hulu and while these are pretty much the same demos for Ricochet and Burnout Paradise that we saw at E3 last week, they're still impressive."PermalinkCommentsvideo humor videogame natal xbox360 jimmy-fallon

Gmail: Google's approach to email

2009 Apr 1, 9:54Lol at end of final sentence: "Two Gmail accounts can happily converse with each other for up to three messages each. Beyond that, our experiments have shown a significant decline in the quality ranking of Autopilot's responses and further messages may commit you to dinner parties or baby namings in which you have no interest."PermalinkCommentshumor google gmail ai email

Itchy Stitchy: FO and Pattern: Katamari Damacy Prince of All Cosmos Baby Hat!

2008 Aug 20, 10:29Baby outfitted with Katamari hat. Cute!PermalinkCommentscute diy videogame game geek via via:boingboing katamari crochet hat

Katie's space

2008 Apr 21, 4:52Daniil and Val's child's new blog. At 6 months old she's already had two blogs.|Katie MagdalinPermalinkCommentsblog baby friend daniil-magdalin katie-magdalin

Katherine Rose Magdalin

2007 Oct 15, 1:13My friends Daniil and Val have a new baby girl. |Katherine Rose MagdalinPermalinkCommentskatherine-rose-magdalin blog frioldend baby

BBQ x 2

2007 Jun 11, 3:36This past weekend I was invited to two BBQs. Consequently, the weather took a break from the heat to drizzle.

The first was a lunch BBQ in celebration of Sarah's mom getting her Masters degree. Sarah and I went to her sister's house on the East-side where we had traditional foods you might associate with a BBQ including some enjoyable sausage. There was a bit of Wii to be had and Sarah's mom killed at bowling. Sarah seemed a bit dismayed at this. I guess Sarah didn't expect it since she's had more experience compared to her mom who was playing for the first time.

For dinner we drove over to Seattle to have a BBQ at Jeannie's house. Jeannie's family and my family became friends through our church when I was born and Jeannie even babysat me. The second bit about the babysitting is how Jeannie would introduce me at the BBQ. I met her boyfriend who seems like a cool guy. He works for Microsoft as a consultant and has traveled to various countries for his job. Guests had been instructed to bring side dishes and so there was quite a spread which was eclectic as well. We brought red potatoes, humus, and pita bread. As it turns out, one of the other guests had produced humus in bulk as a supplier and apparently had a grudge against the big humus chains. We played it cool and she didn't say anything so we can only assume she didn't know it was us. Jeannie was a great hostess and I had a fun time.PermalinkCommentsbbq washington personal nontechnical
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