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2015 Oct 20, 7:21
Almost uncanny #BackToFutureDay

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2015 Oct 15, 10:05
Pinboard founder Maciej Ceglowski in his Strata+Hadoop keynote says to not collect or store data. "Haunted by Data" …

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2015 Mar 8, 11:53
We finally did what we should've done forever ago: filled a party bag with restaurant names so we never have to decide again.

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2015 Mar 4, 4:44 … Actual quotes re: the introduction of electricity at Princeton.

The Doritos origin story: Repurposed garbage from Disneyland

2014 May 6, 7:16


A reminder that those Doritos you love are trash:

Shortly after Disneyland opened in 1955, the founder of Frito-Lay got permission from Walt Disney to open a restaurant in Frontierland with a Mexican-ish theme. “Casa de Fritos” was, unsurprisingly, all about the Fritos. Customers got free Fritos, and Fritos were incorporated into many of the dishes. Fritos were dispensed by an animatronic vending machine that featured the terrifying “Frito Kid”asking his assistant “Klondike” to bring the bag up from a mineshaft. I guess the conceit is that Fritos were mined by Forty-Niners?

Casa de Fritos contracted their tortilla production to a company called Alex Foods. One of the salesmen from Alex Foods, making a delivery to Casa de Fritos, noticed stale tortillas in the garbage and gave the cook a little tip: fry them and sell them as chips instead of throwing them away. Casa de Fritos began making these fried, seasoned chips to enormous success, but didn’t report this new menu item to the Frito-Lay company.

Eventually Frito-Lay found out what they were doing with the chips, packaged them, and sold them by the truckload. See, dumpster diving works out sometimes!


(via Real Myst “linking book”)

2012 Oct 30, 1:33

(via Real Myst “linking book”)

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2012 Aug 8, 3:34

A python script that d3crypt5 the input pipe’s ASCII content from ASCII garbage slowly into the correct output.

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(via Pareidoloop) “Phil McCarthy’s Pareidoloop...

2012 Aug 6, 4:11

(via Pareidoloop)

“Phil McCarthy’s Pareidoloop overlays randomly generated polygons on top of one another until facial recognition software recognizes a human face. Can’t sleep, at SIGGRAPH! [via @Brandonn]”

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(via Classic pro-science-careers music video PSA: Chemical...

2012 Jun 29, 10:03

(via Classic pro-science-careers music video PSA: Chemical Party)

Xeni says: “The EU wasn’t always so terrible at promoting science careers through funny internet music videos! (thanks, Guido)”

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Scumbag Steve's Advice for Annoying Facebook Girl

2012 May 4, 2:46

Blake Boston of the Scumbag Steve meme writes an open letter to the woman in the Annoying Facebook Girl meme.

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Super Mario Bloco em Santa! (by only4crap) Also, great...

2012 Feb 28, 7:20

Super Mario Bloco em Santa! (by only4crap)

Also, great BoingBoing comment:


The slow pace of the initial march and the placards makes it look more like an Occupy World 1-1 protest march.

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(via Taxi-window sticker: our security stinks and your credit...

2012 Feb 15, 5:14

(via Taxi-window sticker: our security stinks and your credit card will be sniffed)

Don’t you have to meet some minimum security requirements to process credit card transactions?

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(via Stereogranimator: transform historical stereographs from...

2012 Jan 30, 8:47

(via Stereogranimator: transform historical stereographs from NYPL archives into animated gifs and 3d images)

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(via Greatest map of the U.S.)

2012 Jan 4, 2:30

(via Greatest map of the U.S.)


 lol-tastic surprise ending! (via Frog plays Ant Smasher)

2011 Dec 23, 1:22

 lol-tastic surprise ending! (via Frog plays Ant Smasher)

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(via Hand-stitched Kanye West tweets)

2011 Dec 9, 1:16

(via Hand-stitched Kanye West tweets)

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(via Best. research paper abstract. evar.)

2011 Nov 24, 3:34

(via Best. research paper abstract. evar.)

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the ragbag - arial & helvetica on friday, i hosted a screening...

2009 Sep 27, 2:28Poster demonstrating example differences between Arial and Helvetica. Love the end line: "my buddies [said] ... “a documentary about a font is as interesting as it sounds.” i could not agree more."PermalinkCommentsvisualization font design helvetica typography arial poster

Flickr: NYC Garbage's Photostream

2009 Sep 18, 5:47Photos of the NYC garbage cubes
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New York City Garbage by Justin Gignac -- Thank You for Littering.™

2009 Sep 18, 5:46Artist sells NYC garbage wrapped in lovely designed packaging to prove the correct packaging can sell anything.PermalinkCommentshumor art design new-york nyc trash gift shopping
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