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How to Google Maps on Vimeo

2009 Aug 31, 4:53From Ira as part of The Balloon Project "... took the lo-fi diy map making essentials (portable helium tank, party balloons, and a disposable video camera) to Paris, France, where they launched a video camera into the sky not knowing where it would go, and created some very unique aerial cartography of the Place de la Concorde.' I'd love to see this run through photo stitching software like Photosynth and then layered on Google Maps.PermalinkCommentsmap balloon art ira-mowen france paris

meteotek08's photosets on Flickr

2009 Mar 18, 9:35Team of teenagers attach camera to weather balloon and send it to space!PermalinkCommentsphotography photos via:boingboing.comments science space flickr

War Ballooning-Kismet Wireless "Eye in the Sky" (Rick Hill)

2008 Sep 22, 1:21Rick Hill, War Ballooning-Kismet Wireless "Eye in the Sky". Presentation notes from Rick Hill's DefCon talk on WarBallooning.PermalinkCommentshack balloon wireless warballoon defcon security

Balloon Graffiti: Balloon Graffiti Can End Vandalism Forever

2008 Jul 11, 12:57A commentor writes: "wow, street art's really blowin' up". This is using balloons to graffiti. Realistically though you've still got to deal with cleaning up the plastic. I like the reverse graffiti better.PermalinkCommentsvia:ethan_t_hein humor art streetart graffiti
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