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2015 Feb 28, 8:47
8yo regularly feeds crows. Crows start giving girl shiny objs in return. … The future: girl & crow army open bead store

newsycombinator: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Game – 30th Anniversary Edition

2015 Jan 27, 8:31
Hacker News @newsycombinator :
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Game – 30th Anniversary Edition …

BBC News - Polar bears get the better of spy cameras

2011 Mar 10, 6:14Polar bears destroy hiddern cameras (filming them for Science!) It is a well known fact that polar bears are very protective of their rights to privacy.
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Muzzle of Bees » Nirvana :: BBC Sessions (1989-1991)

2010 Sep 14, 2:49Thanks to someone for this list of mp3s: "I really dug into a collection of Nirvana songs culled from BBC Sessions circa 1989-1991."PermalinkCommentsnirvana music mp3 bbc

YouTube - Charlie Brooker - How To Report The News

2010 Jan 30, 2:26Similar to the "This is the title of a typical incendiary blog post" ( except this is a typical news report. "...and this is a lighthouse keeper being beheaded by a lighthouse beam."PermalinkCommentsbbc humor video via:waxy satire journalism tv news

(Video) Panic Attack! And The Power Of The Web - PSFK

2009 Dec 21, 3:40"“I uploaded (Panic Attack!) on a Thursday and on Monday my inbox was totally full of e-mails from Hollywood studios,” he told the BBC’s Latin American service BBC Mundo. “It was amazing, we were all shocked.”" And I can see why -- its a good video.PermalinkCommentsvideo scifi robot youtube hollywood

Creative Review - The hand from above

2009 Oct 16, 5:34A few shots of the Hand From Above's internals. It messes with street passers-by on a giant video screenPermalinkCommentsvideo humor bbc interactive art hand computer-vision

YouTube - 'You are being shagged by a rare parrot' - Last Chance To See ...

2009 Oct 8, 11:29The title sounds like its a line out of a text adventure. Actually its Stephen Fry and zoologist Mark Carwardine getting beaten by a parrot.PermalinkCommentsvideo humor parrot stephen-fry via:dad ecology bbc

BBC - Today - And Another Thing...

2009 Jun 8, 3:40I didn't hear about this at the time, but a sixth Hitchhikers Guide novel will be written by Eoin Colfer. This article has some quotes from Eoin about it and big-shoe filling is addressed. Also in the article is a clip of the voice actor of Arthur Dent from the radio series as Arthur Dent complaining about being brought back to life that had been played on BBC Radio.PermalinkCommentshhgttg douglas-adams eoin-colfer and-another-thing book news audio

The Clement Hotel, Monterey

2009 May 22, 12:10

sequelguy posted a photo:

The Clement Hotel, Monterey

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Wallace & Gromit - Forum - Latest News - A Matter of Loaf and Death Comes to BBC One This Christmas

2008 Nov 20, 11:01Woo! "I love making films for the cinema but the production of Chicken Run and Curse of the Were-Rabbit were virtually back to back and each film took five years to complete. A Matter of Loaf and Death will be so much quicker to make. I'm delighted to be back into production and back with BBC One with Wallace and Gromit. Over the years the BBC has been incredibly supportive of Wallace and Gromit, this film feels like their homecoming."PermalinkCommentswallace gromit wallace-grommit bbc animation clay claymation via:kris.kowal humor

BBC NEWS | UK | Payout for false Facebook profile

2008 Jul 24, 7:26Fake Facebook page considered libel and gets target big pounds: "Mathew Firsht was awarded 22,000 pounds in damages against an old school friend". Careful what you post...PermalinkCommentsfacebook identity law legal privacy libel

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Your American accents

2008 Jul 23, 5:19"Everyone can do an American accent... at least everyone thinks they can. After the BBC's Stephen Robb took a lesson from one of the movie industry's top accent coaches, we asked readers to record their best US accents."PermalinkCommentsbbc audio accent language english

Juanita Beach Visit and Map

2008 Mar 7, 3:26PermalinkCommentsmap photo personal fish-and-chips juanita-beach

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Paris Hilton targeted in CD prank

2007 Dec 23, 8:46Banksy replaces Paris Hilton CDs with his own satirical music and cover art in stores.PermalinkCommentsart article culture graffiti hack humor music parody prank streetart paris-hilton bbc

BBC Internet Blog - Brandon's History Of Online BBC

2007 Dec 19, 2:57History of BBC on the Web.PermalinkCommentsvia:sambrook history internet technology bbc web article

BBC NEWS | Technology | Colossus cracks codes once more

2007 Nov 15, 4:03Colossus set to compete against modern PC in decrypting Nazi messages in promotion of museum.PermalinkCommentsbbc article computer cryptography encryption hardware history turing

Dismantling the Media With the BBC's News Director, Richard Sambrook (Epicenter from

2007 Nov 7, 1:40Interview with BBC's News Director Richard Sambrook mostly on the topic of news medias role on the Internet.PermalinkCommentsdavid-weinberger blog bbc interview news media richard-sambrook wired audio

BBC NEWS | Technology | BBC to open up archive for trial

2007 Apr 18, 11:22For a trial period the BBC will open its archive online for free. Hopefully this is the start of a trend otherwise in the future the only freely available content will be reruns of Absolutely Fabulous.PermalinkCommentsbbc television archive article ip

'Talking' CCTV scolds offenders (BBC NEWS | UK | England)

2007 Apr 5, 11:45British cameras watching the public now have loudspeakers hooked up to scold people behaving inappropriately. What year is it?PermalinkCommentsparanoia government tv camera article bbc
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