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Muzzle of Bees ยป Nirvana :: BBC Sessions (1989-1991)

2010 Sep 14, 2:49Thanks to someone for this list of mp3s: "I really dug into a collection of Nirvana songs culled from BBC Sessions circa 1989-1991."PermalinkCommentsnirvana music mp3 bbc

Area Man Suddenly Realizes He's The One Who's Been Killing Off World's Bee Population | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

2010 Sep 8, 2:16'Following a news update on the depopulation of honeybees across North America and much of the world, it suddenly dawned on local bank teller Keith Orlander Tuesday that he, personally, was responsible for the dramatic and theretofore unexplained disappearance of the insects. "Boy, come to think of it, I guess I have been killing millions of bees lately,"'PermalinkCommentsbee bees humor onion

Fake electronic gear props - Boing Boing

2010 Mar 9, 5:26I have often wondered where furniture stores get their fake TVs, PCs, etc. Yes, apparently there is a store where they buy that. Now about the chotchkies in Applebees or Red Robin...PermalinkCommentselectronics fake tv pc store purchase

Vanishing of the bees

2008 Jan 18, 1:17A documentary on the vanishing of honey bees. Need to add this to my list.PermalinkCommentsbees documentary biology movie video environment

From honeybees to Internet servers: management of Internet hosting centers

2007 Nov 7, 9:44Paper on how to apply honeybee protocol to managing Internet hosting.PermalinkCommentsbee internet web research paper

YouTube - Futurama: Deadly Deadly Bees

2007 Jun 4, 5:26Music video for Deadly Deadly Bees the lead song from the album based on the Futurama episode The String featuring clips from the episode. (youtube version take down, argh!)PermalinkCommentshumor music futurama video music-video

Missing Bee Roundup

2007 Apr 15, 4:06For the past several months I've seen various articles suggesting why bees are disappearing. At first I thought this was another crackpot's article that somehow made it onto But they keep coming and sometimes from credible sources. After the article I saw tonight I thought I should go back and put together the various articles I've read on this topic. Bees may be disappearing due to pesticides, new organic pathogens, genetically modified crops, mobile phones, or climate change. Apparently, the US hasn't been keeping accurate counts of its bees so we don't know the extent of the situation. There's an interview with Maryann Frazier, M.S., of the Dept. of Etymology at Penn State and a congressional hearing on the matter.

I know this is all very serious and could signal the end of our ecosystem as we know it, but I can't help throwing in the following links as well. The bees could be hiding in this Florida couple's kitchen. Or perhaps they're laying low while being trained by the government to fight terrorism. Or they're hiding in extra dimensions that we mere humans can't perceive (I'm fairly certain that's what this article is suggesting. Really. Read it. Seriously. Its awesome.)PermalinkCommentsroundup personal bees nontechnical
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