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Bike lock that hoists your bike up a lamp-post - Boing Boing

2010 Nov 26, 6:12 PermalinkCommentshumor video engineering bike

YouTube - high five new york city

2009 Sep 28, 5:09Biker high fives folks hailing cabs in New York.PermalinkCommentshigh-five video nyc new-york humor

Profile for shimala - Reward! Have you seen my bicycle?

2009 Aug 21, 9:01Humorous no reward bike missing signs.
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vidTO: Pedal Power VS Toronto Police

2008 Apr 7, 3:45Video of an art piece, a pedal powered Buick, taken for a test spin and getting pulled over by the cops.PermalinkCommentsvideo art via:boingboing car bike humor youtube

Excercise Bike and Tacoma Screw Products

2008 Jan 13, 11:07

Sarah and I got an exercise bike on sale and when attempting to put it together found that it was missing a bag of about ten different screws. The manufacturer website said we could order a replacement bag for thirty dollars (!!) but since the instructions listed the various kinds of screws we needed I figured we could just go to a hardware store and buy them.

We started at Home Depot because I didn't know better. The screws are all listed in metric sizes which is apparently uncommon and a helpful senior worker forwarded us to McLendons whose stock was better but we were again redirected this time to Tacoma Screw Products.

Tacoma Screw Products is great! See them for your hardware needs first! The store has a back area with every kind of screw ever. I felt a little out of place as as all the customers looked like contractors. The employee who helped me explained the various options I had in screws as the bike instructions weren't as explicit as they could have been. In the end I bought all my screws for only one dollar (much better than $30!) and they all fit correctly.

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Cycling around Seattle

2007 Dec 28, 8:23Todd's cycling blog.|Todd SahlPermalinkCommentsfriend blog microsoft bike todd-sahl seattle

Why Should I Care What Color the Bikeshed Is?

2007 Mar 19, 12:23Description of infighting over minor issues.PermalinkCommentsarticle design humor community email management
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