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2008 Oct 14, 12:50Cardboard filter that turns video monitors into an array of large color-changing boxes applied to public video billboard ads: "Pixelator turns those ugly, blinding video billboard ads into art."PermalinkCommentsart streetart cultural-disobediance subway graffiti advertising nyc diy howto

Hijacking the Outdoor Digital Billboard Network, DefCon (Tottenkoph, Rev and Philosopher)

2008 Sep 22, 1:47Tottenkoph, Rev and Philosopher, "Hijacking the Outdoor Digital Billboard Network". DefCon talk presentation notes on hacking digital billboards.PermalinkCommentshack defcon security billboard

LA Weekly - Art+Books - Murakami REVOKed - Shelley Leopold - The Essential Online Resource for Los Angeles

2008 Feb 5, 2:02From BB's article: "In December, graffiti writers AUGER and REVOK modified a billboard advertising the wonderful Takashi Murakami exhibit ... Murakami himself saw online photos of the graffitied billboard and thought it to be "so wonderful, he had to havePermalinkCommentsart graffiti cultural-disobediance murakami via:boingboing

The Future: Schizophrenia Is The New Ad Gimmick

2007 Dec 6, 5:18Billboards use hypersonic sound beams to make you hear voices in your head.PermalinkCommentsadvertising humor sound spam billboards
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