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Gamers beat algorithms at finding protein structures

2010 Aug 4, 2:29Using games for good! Foldit players are solving real biochemistry problems. "Scientists have turned to games for a variety of reasons, having studied virtual epidemics and tracked online communities and behavior, or simply used games to drum up excitement for the science. But this may be the first time that the gamers played an active role in producing the results, having solved problems in protein structure through the Foldit game."PermalinkCommentsvideogame game biology science research

BLDGBLOG: Remnants of the Biosphere

2010 Jan 8, 2:05"Photographer Noah Sheldon got in touch the other week with a beautiful series of photos documenting the decrepit state of Biosphere 2, a semi-derelict bio-architectural experiment in the Arizona desert."
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Whole Earth Discipline: An Ecopragmatist Manifesto | Brain Pickings

2009 Oct 18, 2:23TED video of Stewart Brand: "The book tackles three of today’s most profound transformations — climate change, urbanization and biotechnology — in a way that’s part practical guide to damage control, part prescriptive inspiration for a more efficient society, part bold anthem of design-thinking. And if Brand’s track record is any sign at all, Whole Earth Discipline may well become one of the (counter)cultural classics of our generation."
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Conceptual Trends and Current Topics

2009 Oct 15, 6:33"Besides the canonical Bristlecone Pine, there are many other organism on earth that will outlive you. Photographer Rachel Sussman has been traveling around the world to find and photograph them."
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13 things that do not make sense - space - 19 March 2005 - New Scientist Space

2008 Aug 14, 3:59"13 things that do not make sense, Updated 11:22 19 December 2007, From New Scientist Print Edition. Michael Brooks". Thirteen mysteries of physics and biology currently under contention.PermalinkCommentsscience article michael-brooks biology physics

Paul Ewald asks, Can we domesticate germs? | Video on

2008 Aug 8, 12:29"Evolutionary biologist Paul Ewald drags us into the sewer to discuss germs. Why are some more harmful than others? How could we make the harmful ones benign? Searching for answers, he examines a disgusting, fascinating case: diarrhea."PermalinkCommentsvideo ted evolution biology

SilverBiology - Blog Archive - Fun with LSID's and IE8's new Activities

2008 Apr 8, 5:41Biology site makes activity to resolve their URNs: "In this case we decided to see how we could easily highlight a LSID and quickly get related information from its Authority."PermalinkCommentsactivity ie8 urn uri blog article biology via:benny

Vanishing of the bees

2008 Jan 18, 1:17A documentary on the vanishing of honey bees. Need to add this to my list.PermalinkCommentsbees documentary biology movie video environment

DNA seen through the eyes of a coder

2008 Jan 3, 12:01The title says it. This is a description of the build process, make files, and programming language syntax that is life.PermalinkCommentsgeek humor genetics biology dna programming science evolution software unix
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