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I Know What You Downloaded on BitTorrent… (

2011 Dec 10, 6:49

Public site that tracks who (by IP address) downloads what and lets anyone view this.

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BitTorrent Based DNS To Counter US Domain Seizures | TorrentFreak

2010 Dec 1, 9:58PermalinkCommentsdns technical p2p

Using BitTorrent to Retrieve Objects Stored in Amazon S3

2009 May 29, 12:12"Any object in Amazon S3 that can be read anonymously can also be downloaded via BitTorrent. ... Retrieving a .torrent file for any publicly available object is easy. Simply add a "?torrent" query string parameter at the end of the REST GET request for the object." Yes, this is awesome!PermalinkCommentstorrent amazon s3 bittorrent p2p via:pskomoroch

Tracking the Trackers

2008 Jun 10, 4:52"...we were able to generate hundreds of real DMCA takedown notices for ... nonsense devices including several printers and a (non-NAT) wireless access point."PermalinkCommentssecurity bittorrent copyright dmca legal mpaa piracy printer research riaa washington

Hack Attack: Automatically download your favorite TV shows - Lifehacker

2006 Dec 20, 4:33How to setup Ted a program to automatically download torrents of TV shows.PermalinkCommentstv bittorrent howto torrent download television torrents article blog free p2p video tools tool ted

The Mixing Bowl

2006 Oct 14, 8:12Trance Music TorrentsPermalinkCommentsaudio blog download free mp3 music read torrent bittorrent trance house techno

Dissecting BitTorrent: Five Months in a Torrent's Lifetime

2006 Aug 31, 7:49And still more BitTorrent research. This paper examines the performance of a particular bittorrent session.PermalinkCommentsperformance torrent p2p report reference

BitTorrentSpecification - TheoryOrg

2006 Aug 31, 7:45Yet more BitTorrent research. This is the BitTorrent protocol specification.PermalinkCommentsbittorrent p2p programming reference specification torrent development

Rarest First and Choke Algorithms Are Enough

2006 Aug 31, 7:44More Torrent research. This is a paper describing performance of BitTorrent's block and peer selection algorithms.PermalinkCommentsp2p torrent report reference internet algorithm performance
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