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laughingsquid: Stick-N-Find, Tiny Bluetooth Stickers Help You...

2013 Jan 4, 5:35


Stick-N-Find, Tiny Bluetooth Stickers Help You Keep Track of Things


laughingsquid: hi-Call, A Bluetooth Handset Glove

2012 Sep 26, 6:24


hi-Call, A Bluetooth Handset Glove

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Bluetooth Glove: Talk to the Hand!

2011 Mar 7, 9:13Instructions for a DIY bluetooth glove with mic in pinky and earpiece in thumb.
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About a DROID: a review of Motorola's newest smartphone

2009 Dec 3, 2:39"Android 2.0 comes with a bevy of refinements to its connectivity features. These include VPN support, multiple account support, exchange support, HTML5 support, bluetooth 2.1, and quite a few more which can best be found in the Android Platform Highlights document."PermalinkCommentsandroid review droid motorola cellphone

ThinkGeek Bluetooth Retro Handset Review

2008 Mar 23, 1:25

I ordered a ThinkGeek Bluetooth Retro Handset to use at home. When I come home I plug my phone in to charge in my room, but then I can't hear it ring elsewhere in the hosue. The idea was to take this handset which wirelessly connects to cellphones via bluetooth and place it in another part of the house so that I can tell I'm getting an incoming call. The only issue I have with that setup is that it ringing isn't any louder than conversations held over the phone, that is, the ringing is a little quiet.

The handset pairs with cellphones in the same manner as any other handset over bluetooth. It has an internal rechargeable battery which is charged via a standard USB port built into the base of the handset and it comes with a USB cable. Next to the USB port is the only button on the phone which is pressed to answer a call, hang up a call, or begin voice dial, held down to turn the handset on and off, and held down longer to begin pairing with a cellphone. There's a blue LED in one of the holes in the microphone portion of the phone which blinks to indicate if its on or trying to pair. Transitioning between on, off, and pairing produces a cute sound and a change to the LED.

Overal I'm pleased with its simplicity and use of common parts although I wish there was a way to adjust the volume of the ring.

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Dev-Toast : Blog Archive : Uncrippling Bluetooth in Vista RTM

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Johnny Chung Lee - Projects - Wii

2007 Dec 17, 9:25Johnny Lee has a couple of projects involving the Wii remote. In the first he uses his fingers as his pointers Minority Report style and in the second he uses an LED pen and a projector to create a whiteboard system.PermalinkCommentsblog bluetooth wii wiimote remote free hardware hack ui howto interactive johnny-lee

ThinkGeek :: BluAlert Bracelet

2007 Dec 11, 11:15Bracelet the vibrates when you get a call on your cellphone.PermalinkCommentsshopping cellphone phone bluetooth geek

ThinkGeek :: ThinkGeek Bluetooth Retro Handset

2007 Dec 11, 11:13A bluetooth handset that's like a retro headset.PermalinkCommentsshopping retro headset bluetooth phone cellphone

How-to: Make your own 1920's style bluetooth handset - Engadget

2007 Oct 11, 7:49A how-to on creating a bluetooth handset for your cell-phone. I want this but like a regular phone and without the DIY part.PermalinkCommentshowto bluetooth phone hack hardware article diy


2007 Sep 18, 2:16Sarah got me the Garmin StreetPilot c580 for my birthday last month. I really like this because its a small device that makes my life easier without me having to learn anything new. Just the way tech. should be.

The device gets current weather, traffic, and movie times. The information is sent via FM and received via the FM receiver in the cigarette lighter power adapter of the GPS device. MSN sends out this info and I get a free one year subscription. In addition to taking traffic info into account when planning my route it will estimate the number of minutes I'm going to spend in traffic. Just knowing how long I might be in traffic somehow makes it more bareable.

The other day while driving for dinner I got a call. I got my phone out of my pocket and answered it. I heard Jon's saying 'Hello' under my passenger seat. After a moment of confusion I remembered that the GPS device also acts as a bluetooth hands free phone adapter and that it was under my seat.PermalinkCommentsgps garmin personal traffic nontechnical

Headsets: Plantronics Voyager 855 Bluetooth Headset Does Mono Calls and Stereo Music - Gizmodo

2007 Sep 11, 11:17A headset that allows you to switch between a bluetooth phone and music.PermalinkCommentsproduct headphone music headset phone plantronics bluetooth purchase

Wiimote wiissues

2007 Jun 7, 5:29The other day I had the best idea for my Wii remote. Clearly I should use it to control the rotation of Tetris pieces in my N-dimensional Tetris game Polytope Tetris. One of the issues I described with Polytope Tetris is user input. Given a Wii remote the user could rotate a piece through 3 dimensions in a manner that's much easier to adjust to than particular keys on the keyboard.

Anyway, I did a little research into how this might work. I knew that the Wii remote used infrared for absolute positioning and Bluetooth for everything else (LEDs, speaker, accels.) I bought a Bluetooth adapter for my PC after realizing that none of my computers had one already. I used GlovePIE to ensure that my Wii remote could connect and successfully communicate with my computer. GlovePIE is actually pretty cool -- it provides a simple script layer over the Wii remote to control things like your mouse.

Since Polytope Tetris is in Java I looked for and found a Java library for operating with the Wii remote and a long forum thread discussing its use. I then read up on Bluetooth in Java. Apparently JSR 82 is the name of the standard that describes the API a Bluetooth stack should expose in Java. That is, to get Bluetooth working in Java one needs an additional package for Java that actually implements the Bluetooth Java API. This package would depend on the system so I suppose I can't fault Sun for not including it... Where to find such a package? I found a comparison list of implementations and tried the ones that support javax.bluetooth. None of them worked for me because none can address USB devices it seems or they cost money and I couldn't get the trial version working. I also tried bluesock (not listed on the previous list) which seemed promising and could produce an address for my Wii remote as a connected device but couldn't use that address.

And I thought that after I found the Wii remote Java library it would be easy... Oh well...PermalinkCommentsjava bluetooth wii technical remote jsr82 tetris polytopetetris wiimote

Carl.Kenner - GlovePIE download

2007 May 20, 2:39GlovePIE provides a simple scripting interface to Wii remotes. It also comes with a bunch of premade scripts for example wiimote accel. controls the mouse.PermalinkCommentsbluetooth nintendo programming coding tool videogames wii wiimote wireless research:wii-remote Wiimote via Java

2007 May 11, 1:47A long thread between the guy making the WiiRemoteJ library and people testing it and using it. Some stuff in there about setting up Java with Bluetooth support for Win & Mac.PermalinkCommentswii remote java library programming research:wii-remote

Java - Development Kits

2007 May 11, 1:44Comparisons of features and prices of Java bluetooth libraries.PermalinkCommentsbluetooth java library download programming research:wii-remote

Customer Reviews Of Aluratek ABD2020 Bluetooth Wireless 2.0 EDR USB Adapter - Retail

2007 May 11, 1:11Review of a USB Bluetooth adapter. Several reviews claim that it works with Wii remote.PermalinkCommentsbluetooth hardware purchase shopping usb review research:wii-remote

aveLink: Bluetooth Software Download

2007 May 11, 12:58Download Java bluetooth stacksPermalinkCommentsjava bluetooth download stack research:wii-remote

Part II: The Java APIs for Bluetooth Wireless Technology

2007 May 11, 12:51Tutorial on programming Java apps using bluetooth.PermalinkCommentsbluetooth java sun development reference tutorial article research:wii-remote

Wireless Application Programming with J2ME and Bluetooth

2007 May 11, 12:38Sun's introduction to bluetooth.PermalinkCommentsbluetooth tutorial article development sun research:wii-remote
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