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fontBomb - Stylishly destroy the web

2012 Jul 6, 6:20

Bookmarklet that lets you drop cartoon style black spherical bombs that send the text on any page flying.

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Replacing Delicious with Google Reader

2011 Nov 17, 11:00

I had previously replaced my use of Delicious with Google Reader. Delicious had a number of issues during their switch over from Yahoo to the new owners and I was eventually fed up enough to remove it from daily use. I used Delicious to do the following things:

  • Create a list of things to read later
  • Save things to read again in the future
  • Search through things I read and enjoyed (esp via tags)
  • Annotate and share things on my blog
I realized that since I did most of my web browsing in Google Reader now anyway I may as well make use of its features. I star things to note I want to read it later or save to read again later. I can annotate with notes in Google Reader and I can share items to my web site by way of the shared items feed. Additionally for when I'm not in Google Reader there's a bookmarklet to add an arbitrary web site as a shared item in Google Reader.

Of course I wrote this and switched over about 1 week before Google removed the sharing feature from Google Reader. I'm irritated but in practice it forced me to find a different option which has worked out mostly better. New blog post coming soon about that...

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manifestR - offline web apps made easy (well easier)

2011 Jul 14, 7:34A bookmarklet to help you create an appcache manifest: " the manifestR button, and it will create an HTML5 appcache manifest file for that page."PermalinkCommentsdevelopment javascript tools html5 cache technical

Bookmarklet of death: Domain hijacking without 0days | GNUCITIZEN

2009 Sep 23, 7:56"I do understand that it would be annoying to warn users every time they run a bookmarklet, but I think it would be sensible to show a warning at least the first time a given bookmarklet is executed. If you work for a popular web browser vendor such as Microsoft or Mozilla, you can think of this as my wish for the day! I'd love to hear your feedback if you are reading this!"PermalinkCommentstechnical bookmarklet bookmarklets security web webbrowser javascript

Bookmarklet Directory -

2009 Aug 24, 8:23PermalinkCommentsweb browser javascript bookmarklet technical

MP3 player from Yahoo! - bookmarklet /

2009 Mar 25, 10:09Bookmarklet to apply the Yahoo media player to any page that has mp3 links. "Take the player with you. Run my bookmarklet that will simply insert the required javascript into the page."PermalinkCommentsbookmarklet mp3 javascript music yahoo

Text/Plain Fragment Bookmarklet

2008 Nov 19, 12:58

The text/plain fragment documented in RFC 5147 and described on Erik Wilde's blog struck my interest and, like the XML fragment, I wanted to see if I could implement this in IE. In this case there's no XSLT for me to edit so, like my plain/text word wrap bookmarklet I've implemented it as a bookmarklet. This is only a partial implementation as it doesn't implement the integrity checks.

Check out my text/plain fragment bookmarklet.

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2008 Nov 16, 10:24Noah Sussman describes the 'via:' delicious tag with references including a bookmarklet to ensure the via: tags are added automatically. The bookmarklet would only be useful to me if it worked on the 'Save a new bookmark' page, but the history and references are interesting. Reminds me of my past idea for a project that shows who influences who in your Delicious network based on duplicate links among friends with the influencer who saves it first.PermalinkCommentsvia:ethan_t_hein delicious meta bookmarklet script whuffie noah-sussman

Word Wrapping IE's Plain Text

2008 Oct 28, 11:23

If you view a plain text document in Internet Explorer 8, for instance the plain text version of Cory Doctorow's book Little Brother and press F12 to bring up the developer toolbar, you can see that IE simply takes the plain text, sticks it inside a

 tag, and renders it.  This means that word wrapping isn't supplied and the only line breaks that appear are those in the document.  However, since the text document is converted to HTML it means I can implement word wrap myself using a bookmarklet:
javascript:function ww() { var preTag = document.getElementsByTagName('pre')[0];"arial";'break-word'; }; ww();
After adding a favorite and setting the favorite's URL to the previous, I can view plain text documents, and select my Word Wrap favorite to apply word wrap and non-fixed width font.
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Tantek's Favelets

2008 Feb 12, 11:23Tantek has created a set of bookmarklets some of which look useful.PermalinkCommentsbookmarklets bookmark browser extensions javascript tools

2008 Jan 16, 2:44I always have to hunt for this page when setting up a new IE.PermalinkCommentsajax bookmark bookmarklets browser delicious extension link script setupnewcomputer

17 powerful bookmarklets for your iPhone at LifeClever ;-) Tips for Design and Life

2007 Sep 10, 4:29Bookmarklet suggestions for the iPhone.PermalinkCommentsapple iphone bookmarklets browser hack script javascript

Bookmarklets, Favelets and Snippets | Smashing Magazine

2007 Jan 23, 12:38Article on bookmarklets (javascript bookmarks) available on the web.PermalinkCommentsbookmarklets bookmark favorite web design article
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