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2015 Mar 29, 11:10
1. House 2. Dressed as house 3. Listening to house 4. Rendition of Brick House 5. While painting house 6. Onto House …

Mail a brick to junk mailers using paid postage - Creative tips with dealing with spammers and bulk mailers

2008 Apr 7, 1:50Attach spam's pre-paid postage to objects and mail them back. FTA: "Dear Bulk Mailer, Please find attached to your no-postage-necessary envelope, this brick."PermalinkCommentshumor box junk mail prank spam howto

Awesome Movies Unknown to Me

2007 Aug 12, 2:50Thanks to Netflix I've been able to enjoy several movies that I'd never heard of.

Brick is a classic PI film set in a modern high school. Its fun figuring out which high school students correspond to which film noir archetypes.

Primer is a sci-fi movie but it doesn't focus on action or effects. Its like watching an excellent Twilight Zone episode. I hate to describe this any further for fear of giving something away.

The Amazing Screw-On Head is an animated version of the one shot comic. It feels like the 1800s precursor to the The Venture Bros. and stars Screw-On Head, a steam-punk robot head thing and Abe Lincoln's top spy for occult matters.

The Quiet Earth is the movie version of the book about a man who awakes one day to find himself alone(... or is he?) It was made in the 80s and in Australia but don't hold that against it.PermalinkCommentsscifi primer movie amazing screw-on head personal netflix brick the quiet earth

BattleBricks: WiigoBot, The Perfect Game

2007 Mar 30, 1:05Video of a Lego robot that bowls a perfect game in Wii bowling.PermalinkCommentswii robot robots bowling humor game nintendo lego video
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