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Alex in Bunny Swing-A-Majig

2011 Sep 10, 10:36

sequelguy posted a photo:

Alex in Bunny Swing-A-Majig


epic bunneh - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?

2010 Dec 1, 4:59
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2 Bunnies 2 Cups

2010 Oct 5, 2:552 bunnies 2 cups much cuter than namesake.PermalinkCommentshumor video bunny cute

Dave's Wedding - Angie - Picasa Web Albums

2010 Jun 3, 6:32Angie's photos from my wedding. There are some excellent bunny slipper photos in there.
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KidsKidsKids - veniom:theanimalblog:hotg0ssip:rasputin: (via...

2010 May 10, 8:43
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Penguin & Fish: Artist: xmoonbloom

2010 Mar 11, 1:42Knit bunny hat for a cat. Awww
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TopatoCo: White Rabbit Shirt

2009 Dec 23, 10:15Cute bunny tshirt gift idea...PermalinkCommentsgift purchase bunny cute rabbit tshirt

Stuffed Bunny on Bunny

2009 Sep 27, 11:28

sequelguy posted a photo:

Stuffed Bunny on Bunny

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Parents Visited

2009 Aug 25, 12:34

My parents visited this past weekend, met Sarah's parents, saw our house, and met our bunny. On Friday we went to BluWater in Kirkland which was pretty busy and the service was slower and slightly worse than we usually find. Saturday my parents helped us with our yard quite a bit and for dinner we went to the Icon Grill with Sarah's parents. I had forgotten how much I enjoy the food at the Icon Grill - I had the very tasty meat loaf. Dinner went well and afterward we stopped at the Three Lions pub in Redmond. On all previous occasions I had tried to go in there the place was packed for a soccer game. This night however there was a man with a guitar, singing and it wasn't nearly as packed. I also found that near the bathrooms on the wall is what looks to be James Bond's jetpack.

On Sunday we went out to see Jeannie and Carl and see the renovations to Jeannie's place. We met up with them at the Fremont Market to which I hadn't been previously, and had a look around there before going back to Jeannie's to see the lovely work they'd done to her place. For dinner my parents took us out to the Melting Pot for my approaching birthday. It was fun having my parents up and I look forward to the next time they're here.

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Bunny Identity Theft

2009 Apr 13, 1:11These have been popping up all over the internet, but I just had to share them with you in time for Easter. I'll take one of each in my Easter basket!PermalinkCommentscute cat bunny easter photo for:hellosarah

Chickens stop rabbits from fighting - Boing Boing

2008 Nov 18, 12:26"Peacekeeping chickens don't need tasers to maintain order."PermalinkCommentsbunny cute chicken humor video for:hellosarah

Cadbury Bunny Sneaks Mint

2008 Oct 7, 2:49
Cadbury the bunny takes a moment from hiding under the chair to eat some mint. She comes out just to grab some mint and then goes back under the chair repeatedly for two minutes.
From: David Risney
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YouTube - Bambi & Thumper

2008 Sep 26, 7:18Real life Bambi and Thumper. Cute!PermalinkCommentsyoutube cute video bunny dear

Tag Metadata in Feeds

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Cadbury and fake friend

2008 Apr 13, 8:43

sequelguy posted a photo:

Cadbury and fake friend

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Search and Archive of Dave's Things

2008 Apr 7, 10:31

Photo of crates in a warehouse. Licensed under creative commons by Don Jones.I now have search and an archive available for my site. I previously tried to setup crappy search by cheating using Yahoo Pipes and now instead I have a slightly less crappy search that works over all of the content that I've produced on my blog, uploaded to flickr or youtube, or added to delicious.

You can now read my first LiveJournal blog post or, for probably much more entertainment value, view all the photos and videos of Cadbury by searching for 'bunny'.

The search is only slightly less lame because although it searches over all my content, I still implemented it myself rather than getting a professional package. Also, the feed supports the same search and archive as my homepage so you can subscribe to a feed of Cadbury if you're so inclined and just skip all this other boring stuff. My homepage and feed implement the OpenSearch response elements and I've got an OpenSearch search provider (source) as well.

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YouTube - Rabbit Rescue

2008 Feb 21, 1:16Amy Sedaris in "Rabbit Rescue". It's a an ad for Office, but it has bunnies in it.PermalinkCommentsamy-sedaris humor bunny youtube video cute office microsoft ad for:hellosarah

Bunny Yawns

2007 Nov 13, 8:47
Cadbury yawns.
From: David Risney
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Bunny Hears Something

2007 Nov 13, 8:45
Cadbury hears something, slowly.
From: David Risney
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Cute Overload! :)

2007 Sep 16, 1:24A blog of cute animal videos and photos.PermalinkCommentscute humor photo cat bunny social blog
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