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The Contacts API

2010 Mar 2, 5:25HTML5 Contacts API allows HTML pages access to a user's contacts info.PermalinkCommentscontact business-card html html5 api javascript technical w3c reference

Augmented Businesscard (English) | TOXIN LABS - weblog of a german design student from wuerzburg

2009 Jul 20, 11:40"My interactive media project this semester is about the augmentation of the classic communication medium business card... what came to my mind pretty quickly was Augmented Reality." Ever since I saw those AR things you print out I've wished they were based completely off of QR codes that would tell the client app where to download the 3D scene to project.PermalinkComments3d business-card qrcode qr augmented-reality research technical video

"Your business card is CRAP!"

2009 Apr 20, 5:49PermalinkCommentshumor video via:boingboing viral business-card

Please Enjoy - The Work of Ji Lee

2009 Feb 27, 11:23Ji Lee's "Google Me" business card design. Nice.PermalinkCommentshumor google business-card design
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