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Jaspan-Christopher Wedding

2008 Feb 2, 4:18Saul and Ciera's wedding blogPermalinkCommentsfor:sequelguy wedding friend saul ciera calpoly google

Kris Kowal - Cixar Alliance

2007 Dec 19, 2:42The page of Kris Kowal who I know from CalPoly.|Kris KowalPermalinkCommentskris-kowal kris kowal friend blog calpoly

A Pretense of Pretension

2007 Nov 18, 7:49Jon's blog.|Jon ClantonPermalinkCommentsjon-clanton blog friend calpoly amazon germany

Snow: Not as nature intended

2007 Jun 13, 11:29Ciera's blog|Ciera ChristopherPermalinkCommentsciera-christopher blog friend calpoly

Ciera Christopher

2007 Mar 28, 10:32Ciera's homepage.PermalinkCommentsciera-christopher friend homepage calpoly

Vizolutions, Inc

2005 Apr 3, 4:47The business I worked at previously during collegePermalinkCommentscalpoly slo me projects professional old


2003 Mar 8, 8:15Finals week is closing in quickly. This quarter seemed to go by faster than usual. With the end of the quarter almost here I've got a variety of assignments to finish. Today is supposed to be the day I work on them all, but I'm easily distracted. For instance, I had read Ken Thompson's Reflections on Trusting Trust a few days ago. As the author suggested, I tried writing my own self-reproducing program. Rather than brevity, I went for clarity and good style. That was my intent anyway. Now I'm avoiding work by writing in this journal. Last night I lost my money fairly early on during poker. After that Scott gave me a dollar which, surprisingly, lasted me much longer than the previous five. Though despite that, It was a good time.PermalinkComments
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