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APOKALIPS - Prove You're Human

2009 Jul 20, 5:04On robot tattoos.
PermalinkCommentshumor comic via:waxy robot tattoo captcha

Human by ~Grim-Perspectives on deviantART

2009 Jan 19, 3:14Humorous webcomic on the topic of captchasPermalinkCommentshumor comic captcha

IMAGINATION -- image-based authentication: Step 1

2008 Apr 24, 9:41This is a CAPTCHA in which you must id the center of subimages in a collage and then choose the correct caption for a second a photo. It took me seven tries to click close enough to the center of a subimage. I'm human I swear! Lame implementation.PermalinkCommentscaptcha image security

Human Computation - Google Video

2007 Jun 4, 2:44Presentation on incorporating humans into solving problems computers aren't good at.PermalinkCommentsai captcha google video spam human human-computation robot

Boing Boing: Solving and creating captchas with free porn

2007 Jun 4, 1:58Spammers can get around captchas by getting users to solve the captchas for them in order to access porn sitesPermalinkCommentscaptcha robot porn security article

Damien Katz: Negative CAPTCHA

2007 Jun 4, 1:41Negative captcha is described as tricking a robot to reveal itself rather than requiring humans to prove their humanity. The system uses CSS to hide an email form field.PermalinkCommentscss captcha robot spam

Difficult Captcha Screenshot

2007 Jun 3, 11:25Screenshot of a captcha involving math...PermalinkCommentscaptcha images humor math security spam robots.txt

xkcd - A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language - By Randall Munroe

2007 Jun 3, 11:22xkcd's captcha proposal.PermalinkCommentscaptcha comic humor security robot spam xkcd

What is reCAPTCHA?

2007 May 26, 7:21Captcha system that helps digitize books at the same time.PermalinkCommentscaptcha ocr spam free tool sollaboration book books

Commenting Wishlist

2007 May 1, 4:33In the past I've come up with ideas for software and find that the very idea is implemented soon after. So this time rather than getting down about it I'm going to make it work for me. I'll state what I want to use and hope that its magically implemented. In order to uniformly support comments on my website I want a web service with the following features: I'm going implement this now so no one go off and do it before me so that I can use it without having to do anything...PermalinkCommentstechnical homepage

Kitten Captcha (MSR Asirra Project)

2007 Mar 16, 3:41This is a Microsoft research project that uses kittens to prove your humanity. This is very similar to something I've linked previously: security spam microsoft research development tool free web

Hot or Not Captcha

2007 Mar 16, 3:40Similar to the previous one where you prove your human by selecting cats here you select people that are hot or not based on the website security humor javascript hotornot web

TPCSv8 - Articles - The Cutest Human-Test: KittenAuth

2006 Apr 10, 1:35PermalinkCommentsblog development internet password security tools tutorial software captcha spam authentication cool humor cute
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