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80’s Throwback: Choose Your Own Adventure Turns 30! | GeekDad |

2009 Aug 11, 8:18Choose Your Own Adv. classics on your cell! "But in 2006, the brand was reborn when Chooseco, LLC relaunched the series with reprints of classic adventures as well as new stories. They have also expanded into new areas ... adventures on the iPhone ..."PermalinkCommentschooseyourownadventure iphone wired book interactive if

Choose Your Own Adventure – Most Likely You’ll Die | FlowingData

2009 Aug 11, 5:21"Michael Niggel took a look at Journey Under the Sea, and mapped out all possible paths. It turns out that death and unfavorable endings are in fact much more likely than the rest."PermalinkCommentsvisualization via:ethan_t_hein literature fiction if interactive flowchart infographics chooseyourownadventure
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