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The Music of Erich Zann

2009 Jun 29, 1:20"The Music of Erich Zann is a short film based on the story by H.P. Lovecraft. Though conditions inside the abandoned Savoy Hotel made this a very challenging project (Sub-freezing temperatures; cramped quarters; enough dust to suffocate Cthulhu himself), I was thrilled with the opportunity to work in such a haunting location, with such a talented and dedicated group of filmmakers."PermalinkCommentschris-shelton hp-lovecraft video movie

King of Wands - Christopher Shelton's Blog

2008 Sep 21, 11:30Chris's blog.|Christopher SheltonPermalinkCommentsblog chris-shelton friend

CRShelton's profile - StumbleUpon

2008 Sep 21, 11:28Chris's links on StumbleUponPermalinkCommentschris-shelton stumbleupon links friend

CRShelton's YouTube Profile

2007 Aug 17, 1:37Chris' YouTube profile. Currently contains video of him performing a magic trick.PermalinkCommentsfriend chris-shelton magic youtube video profile

The Smashed Volkswagon page

2007 Jul 26, 12:44After Chris' VW was smashed he created this page in memory (of memories). Good times...PermalinkCommentschris-shelton bug car poetry prose vw volkswagon

Interactive Fiction by Christopher Shelton

2007 Jul 26, 12:27My friend Chris' interactive fiction games.PermalinkCommentsfriend chris-shelton if interactive-fiction
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