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2015 Mar 11, 8:47
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Will Arnett Explains the Origins of His Arrested Development Chicken Dance

2013 May 8, 11:26


To decide what Gob’s bad impression of a chicken might be, Arnett consulted on set in 2003 with series executive producers Mitch Hurwitz and James Vallely. They all tried out different versions for each other. “Jimmy started doing a little bit, then Mitch got up and did some, and then I began trying things,” remembers Arnett. “Picture three grown men hopping around, working out what it would be … They were pitching this really taunting dance, but I wanted to give it this very sharp, almost roosterlike, chest-sticking-out mannerism, like a real macho bravado dance.” And how did clapping get introduced to the move? “Because I wanted it to be only sort of threatening.”

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Alex Claps (by Sarah Moffatt) Sarah chose the music =)

2012 May 7, 5:45

Alex Claps (by Sarah Moffatt)

Sarah chose the music =)

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The Old New Thing : Clap and the filter graph claps with you

2009 Apr 7, 12:45"First, you started up the application and picked a video clip. The video clip just sat there. As you started clapping, the video clip started playing. If you clapped at about 80 beats per minute, the video clip played at its normal speed. If you clapped faster, the video clip ran faster. If you clapped slower, the video clip ran slower. If you stopped clapping, the video clip stopped. It was freaky cool. Totally useless, but freaky cool."PermalinkCommentshumor clap video raymond-chen filter-graph reference-clock
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