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Tweet from Liz Kreutz

2016 Oct 13, 6:46
For those interested: Clinton said gifs with a hard "G"

Tweet from Hillary Clinton

2016 Oct 9, 1:44
RT this if you're proud to have Hillary's back tonight. 

A Survey of Rel Values on the Web » DeWitt Clinton

2010 Jul 1, 5:28"Here are the top 25 rel values found in and tags in a moderately sized sample of the web today"PermalinkCommentsstatistics html rel link internet crawl technical

Easy: Connect your RSS or Atom feed to Google Buzz

2010 Mar 12, 1:28

It was relatively easy, although still more difficult than I would have guessed, to hook my bespoke website's Atom feed up to Google Buzz. I already have a Google email account and associated profile so Buzz just showed up in my Gmail interface. Setting it up it offered to connect to my YouTube account or my Google Chat account but I didn't see an option to connect to an arbitrary RSS or Atom feed like I expected.

But of course hooking up an arbitrary Atom or RSS feed is documented. You hook it up in the same manner you claim a website as your own via the Google Profile (for some reason they want to ensure you own the feed connected to your Buzz account). You do this via Google's social graph API which uses XFN or FOAF. I used XFN by simply adding a link to my feed to my Google profile (And be sure to check the 'This is a profile page about me' which ensures that a rel="me" tag is added to the HTML on your profile. This is how XFN works.) And by adding a corresponding link in my feed back to my Google profile page with the following:

atom:link rel="me" href=""
I used this Google tool to check my XFN connections and when I checked back the next day my feed showed up in Google Buzz's configuration dialog.

So more difficult than I would have expected (more difficult than just an 'Add your feed' button and textbox) but not super difficult. And yet after reading this Buzz from DeWitt Clinton I feel better about opting-in to Google's Social API.

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Google and China: the attacks and their aftermath

2010 Jan 13, 6:35Ars Technica rounds up links on the recent Google threatening to stop censoring itself in China including quotes from Secretary of State Clinton, and the EFF and info on the hacks.PermalinkCommentsgoogle china arstechnica news politics security censorship

Town Hall Meeting to Announce the Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review (QDDR)

2009 Jul 14, 4:28"Can you please let the staff use an alternative web browser called Firefox? I just – (applause) – I just moved to the State Department from the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency and was surprised that State doesn’t use this browser." Starts at 26:30 in the video.PermalinkCommentsfirefox government via:boingboing video browser web clinton technical
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