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Luggage home

2010 Feb 26, 3:34Check out some lost luggage and their contents.PermalinkCommentslost-luggage luggage humor travel clothing

Bruce Schneier action figure

2009 Nov 15, 6:17Once again a wonderful gift for a very small set of people I know but a bit pricey: "This package includes Bruce Schneier's custom action figure head mounted on a matching DiD or Dragon action figure body with a choice of 2 different clothing styles. You can also buy Bruce Schneier's head on its own and fit it onto your own figurines."
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Etre Touchy - Welcome - Gloves for your iPhone, iPod Touch, Nintendo DS, Blackberry, PDA and more...

2009 Jan 8, 5:49Gloves with the ends of the index finger and thumb missing for using phones and the like while keeping the rest of your hands warm. Good idea!PermalinkCommentsglove design shopping wishlist phone cellphone clothing gloves

ANARCHIC DESIGN by Ozge Kirimlioglu

2008 Dec 29, 2:42Some funny stuff in here although I don't think anything's actually for sale.PermalinkCommentsart design via:thefangmonster humor clothing subversion cultural-disobediance

TopatoCo: We Sell T-Shirts by the E-Shore

2008 Aug 6, 3:47Various shirts that are sometimes hilarious, sometimes awesome, and sometimes both at the same time.PermalinkCommentstshirt tshirts shopping comics awesome humor geek clothing

TopatoCo: To Do List T-Shirt

2008 Aug 6, 3:44Read shirt then visit comic for full appreciation. "Okay! If you were reading this comic where T-Rex had a great idea for a tattoo, but wanted to 'test drive' it first, then this is the shirt for you! It is also the shirt for you if you want a shirt that is essentially like wearing foreplay."PermalinkCommentshumor tshirt clothing

Amorphia Apparel - Look on my shirts, ye mighty, and despair!

2008 Jun 17, 5:52More awesome t-shirts. I like the scientist rocking out, 'Moai (All Ears)', and 'I bought this on the internet!'. Also the FAQ is pretty hilarious.PermalinkCommentsart clothing humor geek science tshirts purchase shopping shirt

Teach the Controversy - Intelligently designed t-shirts urging you to show both sides of every story

2008 Jun 17, 12:32Some of my favs: UFOs creating pyramids, a periodic table of elements consisting of 'Air', 'Water', 'Fire', etc., and satin in overalls burying fossils. I'm surprised by the lack of FSM.PermalinkCommentshumor via:boingboing satire religion science clothing shopping tshirts evolution intelligent-design

Finished Paper Mario Games

2008 May 12, 4:05
Super Paper MarioPaper Mario: The Thousand-Year DoorPaper Mario Title Screen

Sarah and I have finished playing through the games "Paper Mario", "Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door", and "Super Paper Mario" last week (including the various Pits of 100 Trials). We played them all on the Wii, because even though Super Paper Mario was the only one released explicitly for that platform, Wii maintains compatibility with Game Cube games such as Thousand-Year Door and Paper Mario although originally released for the Nintendo 64 is now available as a pay for download game on the Wii's Virtual Console. So, yay for Nintendo!

I think my favorite of the three is Thousand-Year Door mostly because of the RPG attack system. In Thousand-Year Door and Paper Mario when you come into contact with an enemy you go into an RPG style attack system where you take turns selecting actions. In Super Paper Mario you still have hit points and such, but you don't go into a turn based RPG style attack system, rather you do the regular Mario jumping on bad guys thing (or hitting them with a mallet etc...). Thousand-Year Door and Paper Mario are very similar in terms of game play but Thousand-Year Door looks very pretty and has made improvements to how your party-mates are handled in battle (they have HP and can fall as you would expect) and there's an audience that cheers you on during your battles.

Even if the gameplay sucked the humor throughout the series might be tempting enough. Mario's clothing and mustache are mocked throughout and standard RPG expectations are subverted. I hate to describe any of these moments for fear of ruining anything but, for instance, an optional and very difficult enemy who may only be killed after hours of work only results in one experience point, or a very intimidating enemy who you imagine you'll have to fight actually challenges you to a quiz.

Despite how I personally rank them, all the games are great and I'd recommend any of them.

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2008 May 3, 1:01"Indochino gives you access to the trendiest tailor-made men's suits and apparel at prices you can afford. Hand-tailored and delivered to your door within two weeks; going through our simple 12 minute measurement process is perhaps the easiest way to getPermalinkCommentsvia:callmevlad shopping clothing suit

Cryoflesh - Jackets

2008 Feb 26, 11:58This is the sort of clothing I imagine the characters in Neuromancer wearing.PermalinkCommentsclothing shirts purchase product jacket cyberpunk


2007 Aug 6, 4:07I've moved from my previous apartment in Redmond into Sarah's condo in Kirkland. Over the past week I'd been coming home from work and packing and sorting all of my belongings. Everything had a few destination options: I donated two carts of computer related junk (two CRTs, two desktops, six laptops, untold number of cables, piles of network and sound cards, etc) to RE-PC and six garbage bags of clothing that I either never wear or into which I have worn holes into friendly looking clothing donation bins. Of course I still need to find some place to get rid of my 15 inch CRT TV, VCR, DVD player, and X-Box. I finally emptied my bags of coins that had been collecting for about seven years (one of the bags was from my college orientation) through Coinstar and got ~$160. Some items seemed to fit very well at work like my satirical RIAA propaganda poster and my Darth Vader Nutcracker. This past weekend I had movers come and actually move my furniture. Most of its now in storage except for my living room which is moved into Sarah's second bedroom. Now all I have to do is unpack...PermalinkCommentsmove personal repc recycle nontechnical


2007 Jul 15, 9:03Humorous t-shirtsPermalinkCommentsclothing purchase shopping shirt humor

ThinkGeek :: Gadget Shoulder Holster

2007 Apr 18, 11:31A shoulder holster to replace your wallet, store your keys, ipod, etc. Sounds neat but I imagine it would take some explaining at the airport. Also, I like the idea but I don't think I'd want anyone to see me wearing this.PermalinkCommentsshopping clothing gadget shoulder holster bag
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