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2015 Mar 15, 9:30
Was skeptical at first, but now I'm sold! "USB Type-C Explained: What It Is and Why You’ll Want it" … @howtogeek

ifc: This week on Comedy Bang! Bang! - Michael Cera!

2012 Jun 27, 3:38


This week on Comedy Bang! Bang! - Michael Cera!

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"Additional HTTP Status Codes" - Mark Nottingham, Roy Fielding

2011 Nov 14, 7:51

Includes ‘511 Network Authentication Required’ for airport/hotel/coffee shop scenarios!  Am I too excited about this?

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(Pic) Disloyalty Card - PSFK

2010 Jan 8, 2:55Get a free coffee after trying 8 of their competitors.
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GAMA-GO :: Men's :: Men's Tees :: Deathbot Coffee

2008 Aug 21, 5:13Suited deathbots drinking coffee in a diner. This is nice and also I'd like one.PermalinkCommentstshirt shirt deathbot robot wishlist purchase

Attended Savor Seattle

2008 May 13, 10:33

[Seattle's Best Coffee logo in front of Pike Place logo]This past Saturday Sarah and I took the Savor Seattle Tour of various food shops in Pikes Place. Sarah had suggested it at one point and when Jesse and Nicole brought it up again when they came up to Seattle we decided to go. Surprisingly our tour group consisted of mostly locals. Except for the fish market I hadn't been to see any of the places on the tour. I particularly enjoyed the chocolate cherries and the tea. Our tour guide Tim was funny and overall I enjoyed the tour and would recommend it. I've made a map of our tour including what free trials we got at each location. Yum!

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TurnHere: Free video guides for travel, restaurants, hotels, local events & music

2007 Apr 11, 9:22Short tiny travel guide for Santa Cruz, CA. Found via Turn Here in Google Earth. All places mentioned in the video are great and I totally vouche for them.PermalinkCommentsgeo video santa-cruz coffee food saturn-cafe

Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol (HTCPCP/1.0) - RFC 2324

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