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Retweet of ConanOBrien

2015 Mar 13, 6:28
If I were a mobster, my nickname would be Conan “Murdered Immediately” O’Brien.

Conan 2.0 - Fortune Tech

2011 Feb 11, 4:15On the more web aspects and behind the scenes of Conan getting kicked off NBC and returning via TBS and the web.
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Conan O’Brien Presents Show Zero – The Fastest Talk Show Ever

2010 Nov 2, 9:16PermalinkCommentsvideo conan-obrien talk-show humor tv

Conan O'Brien presents "The Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour" |

2010 Mar 11, 3:48Conan is doing a tour entitled "The Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour". Coming to Seattle mid April...PermalinkCommentsconan-obrien humor tour

YouTube - Lookwell!

2010 Jan 26, 2:26Adam West is Lookwell in Lookwell! a pilot by Conan and Robert Smigel that wasn't picked up in the early 90s. Awesome. "Maybe if you watched a little more television, you'd be better at your job".PermalinkCommentstv television humor adam-west conan robert-smigel lookwell pilot

The Roots: The Roots To Be Jimmy Fallon's Band; We Are Old And Sad

2008 Nov 17, 4:20"...he said that The Roots were retiring from touring in order to become the house band for Jimmy Fallon when he takes over Conan O'Brien's late night show next year. But that video was quickly pulled, so everyone has been scrambling to find out whether this apocalyptic... thing is actually true. NBC has no official comment, but we hear that it probably is. Essaywhuman?!!!??! This is one of those things that proves you're getting old."PermalinkCommentsvia:ethan_t_hein tv the-roots music

Cadbury: Our Eggs Aren't Smaller, You Are Bigger - Consumerist

2007 Apr 8, 7:54The secret Cadbury Egg plot revealed on Conan O'Brien's show.PermalinkCommentshumor conan-obrien cadbury egg food b-j-novak
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