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Blackmail DRM - Stolen Thoughts

2012 Feb 13, 4:00

Most existing DRM attempts to only allow the user to access the DRM'ed content with particular applications or with particular credentials so that if the file is shared it won't be useful to others. A better solution is to encode any of the user's horrible secrets into unique versions of the DRM'ed content so that the user won't want to share it. Entangle the users and the content provider's secrets together in one document and accordingly their interests. I call this Blackmail DRM. For an implementation it is important to point out that the user's horrible secret doesn't need to be verified as accurate, but merely verified as believable.

Apparently I need to get these blog posts written faster because only recently I read about Social DRM which is a light weight version of my idea but with a misleading name. Instead of horrible secrets, they say they'll use personal information like the user's name in the DRM'ed content. More of my thoughts stolen and before I even had a chance to think of it first!

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CMAP #9: Ebooks

2010 May 10, 8:43Charles Stross on the intersection of ebooks and the publishing industry. Includes the answer to the misinformed question "why are you charging so much for access to the file your authors emailed you?" Also includes this quote on Cory Doctorow "... Cory is a Special Snowflake with EFF superpowers and New York Times Bestseller mojo which make him immune to the normal laws of man and nature."PermalinkCommentscharles-stross cory-doctorow ebook drm amazon publishing kindle apple book

We Love xkcd, Real Live Version of Animated Version of xkcd Loves the Discovery Channel

2010 Feb 21, 2:54Internet folk sing about their love of various nerdy things ala xkcd comic of similar namePermalinkCommentscory-doctorow wil-wheaton video xkcd humor music song internet meme

YouTube - AtYourLibraryOrg's Channel - Cory Doctorow Interview

2009 Aug 24, 9:56AtYourLibraryOrg interviews Cory Doctorow on library and librarian related Cory Doctorow topics, then breaks up his answers into short videos. Easy to watch and interesting.
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2009 Jul 15, 7:00" is proud to be serializing Makers, Cory Doctorow’s upcoming novel, which goes on sale from Tor Books in November."PermalinkCommentscory-doctorow scifi tor makers book literature cc free

Cory Doctorow's Futuristic Tales of the Here and Now reaches 30,000 downloads | Robot Comics

2009 Jun 25, 11:45"Cory Doctorow's Futuristic Tales of the Here and Now is the Creative Commons comics adaptation of six short stories by Boing Boing editor and science-fiction writer Cory Doctorow... The result are eight Creative Commons mobile comics specifically designed for iPhone, iPod touch and Android devices."PermalinkCommentscory-doctorow comic android iphone mobile download book free

Cory Doctorow's - Blog Archive - Little Brother option sold to Don Murphy (Natural Born Killers, From Hell, etc)

2009 Jun 19, 3:34PermalinkCommentslittle-brother cory-doctorow don-murphy movie film literature book

This Is Me - Archive: A Greater Force (March 6, 2009)

2009 Mar 6, 5:02Reminds me of the guy from the Jose Chung episode of the X-Files that would repeatedly yell 'Roswell!' whenever he felt he was the subject of government oppression. The more time passes I only end up remembering the awesome episodes of the X-Files.PermalinkCommentscomic cory-doctorow sheep humor censorship

petacentres - a set on Flickr

2008 Sep 9, 8:31Cory Doctorow's Flickr set of photos from various data centers (like CERN's LHC data center).PermalinkCommentsphotos flickr data storage history internet cory-doctorow cern internet-archive lhc

Big data: Welcome to the petacentre : Nature News

2008 Sep 9, 8:29Article on the data centers that backup the Internet Archive and handle CERN's LHC's data. "CERN embodies borderlessness. The Swiss-French border is a drainage ditch running to one side of the cafeteria; it was shifted a few metres to allow that excellent establishment to trade the finicky French health codes for the more laissez-fair Swiss jurisdiction. And in the data sphere it is utterly global."PermalinkCommentslhc history internet cory-doctorow nature physics network hardware library science cern internet-archive

Cory Doctorow Pwned - USC Course Podcast

2008 Apr 8, 4:36Podcast of Cory Doctorow's course at USC.PermalinkCommentscory-doctorow security privacy copyright mp3 podcast

Cory Doctorow's - Podcast

2008 Mar 28, 1:37Cory Doctorow regularly reads from his books and irregularly includes random other stuff. Currently reading the novella he co-wrote with Ben Rosenbaum, 'True Names'.PermalinkCommentscory-doctorow creativecommons boingboing book fiction podcast scifi

Cory Doctorow's - Blog Archive - Hello Cory - the audio

2008 Mar 15, 11:47A recording of a reading of fan fiction involving a caped and goggled Cory Doctorow.PermalinkCommentscory-doctorow humor audio hello-cory fiction

NLC tries Creative Commons (Nebraska Library Commission Blog)

2008 Feb 21, 10:01Nebraska Library Commission beings including electronic and printed versions of Creative Commons books in their library.PermalinkCommentslibrary creative-commons copyright catalog cory-doctorow via:boingboing

Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom

2008 Jan 5, 11:34Cory Doctorow's book Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom available free via Creative Commons. More traiditional singularity style scifi. I liked this much better than Someone Comes to Town.PermalinkCommentscory-doctorow scifi disney literature project-gutenberg book books singularity

Browse By Author: D - Project Gutenberg

2008 Jan 5, 10:41Project Gutenberg's listing for Cory Doctorow containing all of his CC books in readable HTML formats.PermalinkCommentscory-doctorow gutenberg scifi writing free literature book books

A Place So Foreign and Eight More - HTML

2008 Jan 2, 5:49Cory Doctorow's short stories from 'A Place So Foreign and Eight More' that are licensed under Creative Commons in HTML.PermalinkCommentscory-doctorow books literature html download free

Cory Doctorow on LIFT Videos || The presentations of the LIFT conference delivered to your desktop.

2008 Jan 2, 4:41Cory Doctorow the always entertaining and informative speaker talks on new business models, DRM, etc. FTA: "Cory Doctorow is an activist, a writer, a blogger, a public speaker, and a technology person. He speaks about "Digital Rights Management" at LIFT0PermalinkCommentsvideo cory-doctorow drm music piracy

2007 Oct 9, 5:10Cory Doctorow gives talk to Microsoft research on DRM.PermalinkCommentsvia:thedpshow drm microsoft security politics read cory-doctorow

Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town

2007 Mar 27, 4:58A book by Cory Doctorow available for free via Creative Commons. I finished this very recently. Its very ... different. I understand but I don't comprehend.PermalinkCommentsbook books fiction scifi free cory-doctorow read
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