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Retweet of rustymk2

2015 Oct 23, 5:51
This looks like something from @TheOnion. It’s from @MSNBC. This really happened.

Sci-fi short stories disguised as Internet docs

2013 May 29, 2:48
The recent short story Twitter API returning results that do not respect arrow of time by Tim May written as a Twitter bug report reminded me of a few other short sci-fi stories written in the style of some sort of Internet document:
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That’s What She Said: Double Entendre Identification

2011 Apr 29, 3:54That’s What She Said: Double Entendre Identification
Chlo´e Kiddon and Yuriy Brun
Computer Science & Engineering
University of Washington
Seattle WA 98195-2350
fchloe,brung@cs.washington.eduPermalinkCommentstechnology humor twss science paper csc technical system:filetype:pdf system:media:document

Exuberant Ctags FAQ

2009 Dec 14, 9:36Find all references to a function, type, etc.PermalinkCommentsctags faq vim cscope code development technical programming A Million Random Digits with 100,000 Normal Deviates: RAND Corporation: Books

2008 Oct 31, 7:10Bruce Schneier pointed out this book: "A Million Random Digits with 100,000 Normal Deviates (Paperback)". Its 600 pages of random numbers. I'd get a copy if it didn't cost $90! From the stats page Amazon lists the 100 most used words in the book: "6 8 11 19 23 28 30 32 37 38 42 47 52 54 56 60 72 77 80 84 86 92 101 102 107 108 111 115 125 126 131 143 147 148 150 157 158 163 166 167 171 179 183 188 190 197 206 207 212 215 218 220 226 228 230 234 236 242 247 249 251 253 261 265 272 292 297 304 311 323 332 336 337 338 344 345 354 356 358 359 364 371 372 374 384 389 391 409 412 413 421 433 436 443 457 481 489 516 517 642"PermalinkCommentsvia:schneier random book humor math csc

[0810.5056] P is not equal to NP

2008 Oct 29, 10:22If this is true Charles Stross is going to have to rewrite a story or two.PermalinkCommentsvia:kris.kowal algorithm csc / Science fiction and fantasy / Stories / Down on the Farm by Charles Stross

2008 Jul 22, 5:17Down on the Farm by Charles Stross. Short scifi story with elements of steampunk and a math/csc based version of the occult.PermalinkCommentsmath scifi fiction free tor literature charles-stross

CSE 590YA - Winter '02 - Lectures and Archived Materials

2008 Mar 10, 3:20Josh Benaloh / Brian LaMacchina encryption course at University of Washington available for free. Slides and audio from the course are available. Recommended by course through my company.PermalinkCommentsmath encryption education security csc todo

Two-for Script File

2007 Aug 6, 5:40I was messing with the XSLT to XSL Converter source which is a javascript file that can be run with cscript.exe. I've changed it to be like a very basic version of xsltproc that simply runs an XML file through an XSLT. I also wanted to run this from the command prompt without writing "cscript ..." everytime. I decided to make like perl programmers I've seen and make a JS file that works as a batch file and a JS file at the same time.

Here's a basic version of what I ended doing applied to a 'hello world' script named helloworld.cmd:
/* 2> NUL
@echo off
cscript /e:javascript /nologo "%~f0" %*
@goto :eof

    Hello World
        Says 'Hello world.' when you run it.

var outText = 'Hello world.';
Running this on a command prompt gives the following:

C:\Users\davris>/*  2>NUL
Hello world.
However, after a little more experimentation I found this was slightly overkill for my purposes since if I rename the file to helloworld.js and just type its name like a command it is run by cscript:
Microsoft (R) Windows Script Host Version 5.7
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Hello world.
So this time I didn't need all that but if ever in the future I need to run a batch file then a JS file I can do it with one file...PermalinkCommentscmd js technical cscript batch xslt xsl javascript

Microsoft Windows 2000 Scripting Guide - WScript Object

2007 Aug 3, 3:19Description of the global WScript object available when running javascript via cscript.exe.PermalinkCommentsdesktop javascript microsoft programming windows vbscript reference msdn

Checkers Database

2007 Jul 20, 9:09Checkers has been solved. All possible moves have been mapped.PermalinkCommentscheckers solution csc game games

Who Can Name the Bigger Number?

2007 May 17, 4:33FTA: 'The key to the biggest number contest is not swift penmanship, but rather a potent paradigm for concisely capturing the gargantuan.'PermalinkCommentsarticle education math science humor csc

Articles / Classic Texts in Computer Science

2007 Feb 25, 2:46Classic articles and texts on Computer Science.PermalinkCommentsbooks article algorithm documentation csc

Free Programming and Computer Science Books

2006 Apr 6, 12:41PermalinkCommentsfree literature reference development software tutorial csc

Random Number Generation

2006 Jan 16, 11:59A Better Random Number GeneratorPermalinkCommentsdevelopment math random-number java c csharp algorithm csc

SCIgen - An Automatic CS Paper Generator

2005 Apr 12, 10:07PermalinkCommentshumor language tools csc


2003 Mar 8, 8:15Finals week is closing in quickly. This quarter seemed to go by faster than usual. With the end of the quarter almost here I've got a variety of assignments to finish. Today is supposed to be the day I work on them all, but I'm easily distracted. For instance, I had read Ken Thompson's Reflections on Trusting Trust a few days ago. As the author suggested, I tried writing my own self-reproducing program. Rather than brevity, I went for clarity and good style. That was my intent anyway. Now I'm avoiding work by writing in this journal. Last night I lost my money fairly early on during poker. After that Scott gave me a dollar which, surprisingly, lasted me much longer than the previous five. Though despite that, It was a good time.PermalinkComments
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