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Mario 3 recreated with CSS3 animations and media queries (mozilla.org)

2012 Nov 1, 2:48PermalinkCommentscss animation Mario smb3 video-game

Raising the bar on web uploads

2012 Apr 25, 5:00

Flickr’s new HTML5-ish photo upload feature technical overview.

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This game was made entirely in css (no javascript) (jsrun.it)

2012 Jan 24, 1:47

Very impressive HTML, CSS, and no javascript game.  See the HN comments for how it is done.

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Making Love to WebKit

2012 Jan 16, 1:13

A scene-graph implementation in javascript & CSS 3D

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CSS Fonts Module Level 3

2011 May 10, 10:49Interesting standards disagreements showing up in specs: "Some implementers feel a same-origin restriction should be the default for all new resource types while others feel strongly that an opt-in strategy usuable for all resource types would be a better mechanism and that the default should always be to allow cross-origin linking for consistency with existing resource types (e.g. script, images). As such, this section should be considered at risk for removal if the consensus is to use an alternative mechanism."PermalinkCommentsreference web development font specification w3c css3
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