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BoingBoing reposts this great Cyberpunk parody photo from 12...

2012 Jun 5, 4:17

BoingBoing reposts this great Cyberpunk parody photo from 12 years ago, and Motherboard has a What happened to cyberpunk article.

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Joshua Klein, Mobile, Personal, and Future Technology Specialist

2008 May 16, 2:32"Roo'd by Joshua Klein". Cyberpunk, fiction, creative-commons.PermalinkCommentscyberpunk fiction scifi free book writing cc joshua-klein

Cryoflesh - Jackets

2008 Feb 26, 11:58This is the sort of clothing I imagine the characters in Neuromancer wearing.PermalinkCommentsclothing shirts purchase product jacket cyberpunk

Postsingular, a Novel by Rudy Rucker

2007 Nov 2, 11:30Another CC novel on the singularity.PermalinkCommentsrudy-rucker singularity postsingular fiction free literature book cyberpunk read scifi

The Internet of Things: What is a Spime and why is it useful? - Google Video

2007 May 13, 5:11An presentation on 'spimes' objects that are Internet addressable and produce information about themselves and their surroundingsPermalinkCommentsspime google video presentation cyberpunk uri information web technology future

"0wnz0red" - Salon

2006 Sep 25, 1:06Short StoryPermalinkCommentsbooks fiction programming scifi story read cyberpunk short-story cory-doctorow
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