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2015 Jul 11, 5:09
Theaters will probably be like most industries: "We have a strict prohibition policy on tech. Unrelatedly, youth attendance is plummeting."

YouTube - Dead Man’s Bones (Dance) Nathan Barnatt has...

2014 May 19, 3:21

YouTube - Dead Man’s Bones (Dance)

Nathan Barnatt has some great videos

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Will Arnett Explains the Origins of His Arrested Development Chicken Dance

2013 May 8, 11:26


To decide what Gob’s bad impression of a chicken might be, Arnett consulted on set in 2003 with series executive producers Mitch Hurwitz and James Vallely. They all tried out different versions for each other. “Jimmy started doing a little bit, then Mitch got up and did some, and then I began trying things,” remembers Arnett. “Picture three grown men hopping around, working out what it would be … They were pitching this really taunting dance, but I wanted to give it this very sharp, almost roosterlike, chest-sticking-out mannerism, like a real macho bravado dance.” And how did clapping get introduced to the move? “Because I wanted it to be only sort of threatening.”

Read More | Vulture

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Nathan Barnatt makes awesome videos. This is a playlist of my...

2012 Sep 26, 2:21

Nathan Barnatt makes awesome videos. This is a playlist of my favorites of his. (via

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Clippy.JS - Add Clippy and friends to any website (

2012 May 29, 6:15

A great JS API to add Clippy or other agents to your website!  Make them talk, dance, gesture, etc

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The Dancebulance - Gov Ball 2012 Lineup (by...

2012 Apr 18, 6:10

The Dancebulance - Gov Ball 2012 Lineup (by nathanjbarnatt)

Another Nathan Barnatt video with awesome music and dance moves.  Also enjoying the music video for third song in this video “Barbara Streisand” by Duck Sauce:

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Madeon - Pop Culture (Dance Video) (by nathanjbarnatt)

2012 Apr 17, 12:21

Madeon - Pop Culture (Dance Video) (by nathanjbarnatt)

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(via Tron-Style Light Dance Performance by Wrecking Crew...

2012 Mar 15, 5:21

(via Tron-Style Light Dance Performance by Wrecking Crew Orchestra)

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(via After 12: Gettin’ Funky) This works well with almost any...

2012 Jan 7, 12:17

(via After 12: Gettin’ Funky) This works well with almost any music.

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2011 Apr 12, 3:55
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Salmon Protocol: Protocol Summary

2010 Jun 20, 2:05A more friendly summary of the Salmon Protocol -- the distributed commenting procotol. After telling Sarah I was reading about salmon, we watched the Salmon Dance video again.PermalinkCommentstechnical salmon protocol comment atom rss social reference

IANA — .ARPA Zone Management

2010 Jan 15, 3:19"The .arpa domain is the “Address and Routing Parameter Area” domain and is designated to be used exclusively for Internet-infrastructure purposes. It is administered by the IANA in cooperation with the Internet technical community under the guidance of the Internet Architecture Board. For the management guidelines and operational requirements of the .arpa domain, see RFC 3172."PermalinkCommentstechnical arpa dns domain zone internet rfc reference iana

Inspirations typographiques françaises | Pixiome : nouvelles inspirations et tendances.

2009 Nov 23, 1:21"Je vous propose aujourd’hui de découvrir le travail de StarType, un ex typographe qui a connu le temps du plomb et travaillé dans de nombreuses imprimeries pour évoluer et devenir graphiste par la suite."PermalinkCommentstypography advertising font french design history

Justin Frankel's blog

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Keepon lite coming soon? - Short Sharp Science - New Scientist

2008 Nov 13, 10:30"There was bittersweet news for Keepon fans last month. The funky fuzzy yellow robot - pictured - is to be released commercially. But it won't come cheap - it carries a $30,000 price tag."PermalinkCommentskeepon robot dance humor video

'Robot arms race' underway, expert warns - tech - 27 February 2008 - New Scientist Tech

2008 Oct 23, 2:07Thoughts on how an army of robot soldiers can be made to act more ethically than humans: "One of the fundamental abilities I want to give [these systems] is to refuse an order and explain why."..."For those situations we have very clear cut guidance from the Geneva Convention, the Hague and elsewhere about what is ethical."PermalinkCommentsrobot army ai ethics

Security Assessment of the Internet Protocol

2008 Aug 20, 4:29A description of IP with implementation guidance to avoid historical security issues.PermalinkCommentsreference ietf ip tcp network protocol security internet

Wedding Dance Floor

2008 May 29, 12:31

sequelguy posted a photo:

Wedding Dance Floor

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Saul and Ciera's Wedding

2008 Apr 26, 11:45

Saul IncredulousLast weekend while Sarah was up in Canada for a spa weekend with her sister and her sister's other bridesmaids, I went to Saul and Ciera's wedding in Three Rivers, California near Sequoia National Park. I flew into Fresno picked up a rental car and my GPS device navigated me to a restaurant with the wedding location no where in sight. "No problem," I thought, "I'll just call someone with an Internet connection and..." I had no cell reception. What did people do before GPS, Internet, and cell phones?

Saul and Ciera's Wedding CakeA waitress in the restaurant pointed me down the road a bit to the wedding location which was outside overlooking a river. Their wedding cake was made up like a mountain with two backpacks at the top and rope hanging down. Ciera's father married them and the ceremony was lovely. The music after included Code Monkey to which all the nerds were forced to get up and awkwardly dance.

Vlad plays with KatieBesides getting to see Ciera and Saul who I hadn't seen in quite a while, I got to see Daniil and Val, Vlad, and Nathaniel. Since last I saw Daniil and Val they had a child, Katie who is very cute and in whom I can see a lot of family resemblance. The always hilarious Vlad, Daniil's brother, was there as well with his wife who I got to meet. Nathaniel, my manager from Vizolutions was there and I don't know if I've seen him since I moved to Washington. It was fun to see him and meet his girlfriend who was kind enough to donate her extra male to male mini-phono cord so I could listen to my Zune in the rental car stereo on the drive back.

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YouTube - Dirty Dancing D

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