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Joho the Blog ยป Larry Lessig: Beyond Transparency, and Net Triumphalism

2009 Oct 20, 8:41David Weinberger on Larry Lessig's Transparency essay with links to others' responses as well.PermalinkCommentslawrence-lessig government politics transparent david-weinberger

JOHO -February 4, 2008

2009 Aug 26, 2:30"Being fair is not enough. In fact, sometimes what's fair is wrong precisely because it's fair. Oooh! A seeming paradox! One of the top three rhetorical forms for essays!"PermalinkCommentstechnical internet david-weinberger net-neutrality web fair

Real photographs | Everything is Miscellaneous

2009 Jul 12, 2:56"...I asked him if he was allowed to do that, and he said the rule was that he could do anything with Photoshop that he could have done in a darkroom. I thought of him when I saw..." On press sanctioned photoshopping including links at the end.PermalinkCommentsnews photo photoshop photography david-weinberger

The Grid, Our Cars and the Net: One Idea to Link Them All | Autopia | Wired.com

2009 May 13, 11:04To summarize: build the smart grid on top of the Internet, and put wireless mesh routers in power meters and cars.PermalinkCommentsdavid-weinberger network wifi mesh-networking wired article robin-chase car smart-grid

Joho the Blog - [berkman] Kenneth Crews on academic copyright

2009 May 13, 10:17"Harvard's Office for Scholarly Communication has brought Kenneth Crews of Columbia Law School to talk about "Protecting Your Scholarship: Copyrights, Publication Agreements, and Open Access.""PermalinkCommentsharvard kenneth-crews berkman david-weinberger blog copyright talk live-blog

Dismantling the Media With the BBC's News Director, Richard Sambrook (Epicenter from Wired.com)

2007 Nov 7, 1:40Interview with BBC's News Director Richard Sambrook mostly on the topic of news medias role on the Internet.PermalinkCommentsdavid-weinberger blog bbc interview news media richard-sambrook wired audio

Joho the Blog

2007 Nov 4, 6:44David Weinberger's blog. He wrote Everything is Misc.PermalinkCommentsdavid-weinberger web monthly copyright folksonomy information homepage blog taxonomy tagging research

Get a Clue about David Weinberger: Author, Blogger, Speaker, Fellow, Twitterer, Commentator, Columnist and Willing 'Word Association' Player on Dishy Mix Podcast

2007 Aug 23, 9:03An interview with David Weinberger.PermalinkCommentsdavid-weinberger audio blog interview article

Full Text: Keen vs. Weinberger - WSJ.com

2007 Jul 26, 12:05A debate between David Weinberger (of Everything is Miscellaneous) and Andrew Keen (of Cult of the Amatuer) on the Web as the end of intelligent society. Of course since I'm posting this on delicious its clear who I favor in this debate.PermalinkCommentsdavid-weinberger blog article debate taxonomy tagging social community web

International Schools Tech: Taxonomy of Knowledge

2007 Jun 4, 4:39David Weinberger (of Everything is Miscellaneous) gives talk about how the Internet has or will change storage and structure of information in a Google Tech Talk.PermalinkCommentsgoogle video taxonomy david-weinberger
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