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2016 Oct 7, 2:48
I get it, guys. I mean, how could you possibly have guessed that Donald Trump was terrible to women? 

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2016 Sep 7, 8:00
Silencing Dissent: Donald Trump Threw An Elderly Version Of Himself Out Of His Rally For Shouting ‘Beware Hubris!’ 

Tweet from The A.V. Club

2016 Jun 6, 4:50
BuzzFeed backs out of RNC ad deal, citing profound awfulness of Donald Trump 

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2016 Feb 11, 11:54
That time @BernieSanders & @realDonaldTrump joined @BrookeBCNN live on her set (kinda) h/t @TonyAtamanuik @JAdomian

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2015 Oct 20, 5:52
Back to the Future II writer Bob Gale: Biff Tannen was based on Donald Trump. No joke. …

Tweet from David_Risney

2015 Jul 26, 10:42
Back to the Future 2, Donald Trump remix: ….

Retweet of kumailn

2015 Jul 20, 9:56
"President Donald Trump" is something even Demolition Man would have considered too ludicrous.

MP3: Childish Gambino – “Break (All of the Lights)” at PMA | Pretty Much Amazing

2011 Apr 7, 2:31PermalinkCommentsdonald-glover childish-gambino music

[audio] McDonald's Drops 'Hammurderer' Character From Advertising

2010 Nov 21, 9:30PermalinkComments

The death of a meme: Donald Glover calls a truce with the new Peter Parker [Spider-man]

2010 Nov 21, 9:00PermalinkCommentsSpider-man Andrew Garfield Comic Books Dancing donald glover Movies Peter Parker Reality TV Superheroes Television technical

YouTube - Norm MacDonald - Bob Saget roast

2008 Aug 18, 4:06Norm MacDonald performs at the roast of Bob Saget. Must be viewed with context of entire roast in mind in which roasters spout profane offensive insult humor. Norm does a sort of un-roast consisting of jokes from the back of milk cartons or cracker jack boxes. Not at all offensive. Funny conceptually and of course since its Norm MacDonald its hilarious in practice. Later described by Jim Norton: "Watching your set, was like watching Henry Fonda pick blueberries."PermalinkCommentsnorm-macdonald bob-saget roast comedy-central humor video youtube

United States Patent: 3716156

2007 Dec 5, 1:43Found my grandfather's patent: Donald Risney, February 13, 1973, BOAT TRANSPORTER. Abstract: A cross piece clamped and tied to the ends of a boat, rotatable about the short axis thereof, and longitudinally movable about the long axis thereof for liftingPermalinkCommentspatent family donald-risney boat

SMBlog -- 12 November 2007

2007 Nov 14, 2:56News on recent privacy related matters with social websites and Donald Kerr's redefinition of privacy. Lots of good links.PermalinkCommentsprivacy anonymity blog post article government politics donald-kerr steven-bellovin
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