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Doug Loves Movies

2010 Sep 24, 3:00You'd imagine that putting the folks from the funny podcast The Nerdist onto the funny podcast Doug Loves Movies would be even funnier still -- and you'd be correct: 'Doug welcomes his podcast brethren Chris Hardwick, Jonah Ray and Matt Mira of "The Nerdist" to the show.'PermalinkCommentshumor podcast chris-hardwick doug-benson doug-loves-movies

Laughs Weekend

2008 Jan 21, 8:49This past weekend Sarah and I went to Laughs Comedy Spot in Kirkland and saw Doug Benson who frequently appears on VH1's Best Week Ever. Doug Benson seemed drunk or high and messed up a couple of jokes but otherwise was at times very funny. There were three comedians on before him sorted from least humorous to most. The place was smaller than I thought it'd be and required a lot of work to flag down a waitress to obtain a drink.PermalinkCommentspersonal doug-benson humor
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