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Douglas Crockford Facts

2010 Mar 18, 7:23Right behind Bruce Schneier, Douglas Crockford now gets his own Facts page including awesome facts like "Crockford is the sole user of the super-strict equality operator (====), which either returns true or kicks you in the balls."PermalinkCommentsdouglas-crockford humor javascript nerd technical

The Expurgation of Maniac Mansion

2009 Oct 30, 10:41All the stuff Nintendo forces developers to take out of the Nintendo Maniac Mansion port. I had read this before and didn't connect after watching Douglas Crockford's JavaScript talk that this was the same guy.PermalinkCommentsdouglas-crockford game videogame nintendo censorship pc history geek

YouTube - JavaScript: The Good Parts

2009 Oct 28, 11:02"This session will expose the goodness in JavaScript, an outstanding dynamic programming language. Within the language is an elegant subset that is vastly superior to the language as a whole, being more reliable, readable and maintainable." Zeke recommended listening to his talks.PermalinkCommentsgoogle video technical douglas-crockford javascript programming presentation jslint web browser
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