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WPAD Server Fiddler Extension Source

2016 Aug 5, 3:18

I've put my WPAD Fiddler extension source and the installer on GitHub.

Six years ago I made a WPAD DHCP server Fiddler extension (described previously and previously). The extension runs a WPAD DHCP server telling any clients that connect to connect to the running Fiddler instance. I've finally got around to putting the source on GitHub. I haven't touched it in five or so years so this is either for posterity or education or something.

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Retweet of neiltyson

2016 Jan 13, 6:42
With Lotteries funding State education budgets, the best way to sustain them is to NOT teach probability&statistics in school

Oregon Trail: How three Minnesotans forged its path - Page 1 - News - Minneapolis - City Pages

2011 Mar 18, 6:17The history of Oregon TrailPermalinkCommentshistory education programming game


2010 Jan 29, 10:28"Is your browser configuration rare or unique? If so, web sites may be able to track you, even if you limit or disable cookies." Examines HTTP headers and browser features and reports if your configuration is unique (mine is). Good info for anyone looking at creating an anonymous browsing plugin or servicePermalinkCommentsweb security privacy eff education identity surveillance cookies cookie anonymity anonymous technical

YouTube - The Internet Is Made Of Cats

2010 Jan 28, 2:27"The Internet Is Made Of Cats. This is FACT and also science. We have written this educational song on the subject. It is wonderful and will also make you clever."PermalinkCommentshumor video cat internet web lolcat music

A library without the books - The Boston Globe

2009 Sep 10, 5:02Makes sense to me. Its the content not the transmission medium.
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'Reading Rainbow' Reaches Its Final Chapter : NPR

2009 Sep 1, 4:20"Grant says that PBS, CPB and the Department of Education put significant funding toward programming that would teach kids how to read — but that's not what Reading Rainbow was trying to do."PermalinkCommentsvia:waxy history tv read reading-rainbow levar-burton pbs npr

The Messenger Series - Microsoft Research

2009 Jul 15, 10:48"With a little help from Bill Gates (who secured the rights using personal funds), Microsoft is presenting a series of lectures on physics by Richard Feynman." The videos have subtitles, annotations and links.PermalinkCommentsrichard-feynman video bill-gates microsoft research physics education via:kottke

You may use your class notes and Feynman (Bill Ward - All - Humor - Story)

2009 Jun 29, 1:23"'You have 3 hours. You may use your class notes and Feynman.' "Feynman" of course referred the Feynman physics lecture notes which are published in three volumes. On reading these instructions one particularly alert student grabbed his exam and ..."PermalinkCommentshumor richard-feynman physics education

Penny Arcade! - Further Education

2009 Apr 27, 3:47FYI: the official title of the 'backslash' is 'reverse-solidus', according to Unicode, ISO 10646, etc. Much cooler name IMO.PermalinkCommentspunctuation comic humor penny-arcade reverse-solidus back-slash

The Weird And Wonderful Tech Art Of ITP's Winter Show

2008 Dec 29, 2:45Cool tech art projects from ITP.PermalinkCommentsart education itp nyc via:thefangmonster gizmodo photo gallery

Sonja Eddings Brown is Rather Unpleasant - The Rehabilitated Student

2008 Nov 16, 10:13"Imagine my mild surprise when I discovered that the woman who terrorized me in my final days in high school is the face of Proposition 8. Sonja Eddings Brown is everything you would expect a Proposition 8 supporter to be: someone with misplaced values and a knack for being a big bully. Yes, a middle-aged mother of three went out of her way to threaten to kick a high school senior out of her valedictory speaking position simply because the student refused to have (strange) words placed her mouth and to be used as a propagandistic advertising vehicle."PermalinkCommentspolitics education california sonja-eddings-brown high-school via:kris.kowal

Language Log - Congress plans bailout for grammar epidemic

2008 Oct 23, 2:18I had no idea lingual prescriptivists vs descriptivists were split in a partisan manner: '... The Secretary [of the Department of Education] released a report that includes dire warnings of impending doom...The cause of this immanent catastrophe is, of course, those pesky linguists, the libertarian destroyers of good usage who claim that, well, anything goes. According to the report, "the language problem has now reached the crisis level and we are now experiencing a severe epidemic of bad grammar that will affect the very fiber of our nation." The Secretary added, "an alarming number of children are suffering from the bad advice given by those socialist, left-wing, atheistic linguists and we just gotta do something about it."'PermalinkCommentshumor language politics grammar

FORTRAN Coloring Book

2008 Oct 9, 11:50An old coloring book that teaches you FORTRAN.PermalinkCommentsprogramming humor book history fortran coloring-book education

Street Corner Science with Leon Lederman Pt.1 | ScienCentral | Science Videos | Science News

2008 Sep 23, 1:11"...a film crew and a renowned scientist are plunked down on a busy city street corner, and an impromptu Q&A session with the public ensues." I like the concept. Two videos on the topicPermalinkCommentsvideo science education physics nyc via:boingboing

Party Movies Recommended by Netflix

2008 Sep 18, 10:31
Poster for 24 Hour Party PeoplePoster for Human TrafficPoster for The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down

Netflix has recommended three party movies over my time with Netflix and if you're OK with movies featuring sex, drugs, rock&roll (or techno) as almost the main character then I can recommend at least The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down.

24 Hour Party People is based on the true story of Tony Wilson, journalist, band manager, and club owner (not all at once) around the rise of punk and new wave in England. Like many true-story based movies it starts off strong and very interesting but gets very slow at the end like the writers got bored and just started copying the actual events. Unless you have some interest in the history of music in the 80s in Manchester I don't recommend this movie.

Human Traffic is fun and funny following a group of friends going out for a night of clubbing and partying. I had to get over seeing John Simm as not The Master from Doctor Who but rather as a partying youth. It felt like it was geared towards viewers who were on something like the totally odd techno musical interludes with the characters dancing for no apparent reason. Otherwise the movie was good.

The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down is done in the style of an old educational movie on the topic of clubbing and partying. It sounds like a premise that would get old but they do a good job. While demonstrating drinking and driving they have scientists push a mouse around in a toy convertible. Enough said. It was funny and I recommend it.

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6.09: The World According to Woz

2008 Jul 7, 5:26"888-8888. This was his new cell-phone number, and his greatest philonumerical triumph. The number proved unusable. It received more than a hundred wrong numbers a day."PermalinkCommentsapple prank wired article phone education steve-wozniak

Tech support from the 1930s: How to use a phone

2008 Apr 30, 12:03"But once upon a time telephones were fiendishly complicated devices that required instructional videos like these!"PermalinkCommentshistory video education phone

CSE 590YA - Winter '02 - Lectures and Archived Materials

2008 Mar 10, 3:20Josh Benaloh / Brian LaMacchina encryption course at University of Washington available for free. Slides and audio from the course are available. Recommended by course through my company.PermalinkCommentsmath encryption education security csc todo

Mathematics for the President and Congress

2008 Mar 9, 1:17"It is, quite frankly, one of the best critiques of current K-12 mathematics education I have ever seen. Written by a first-class research mathematician who elected to devote his teaching career to K-12 education."PermalinkCommentsvia:ethan_t_hein math education paper
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