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2015 Mar 4, 4:44
http://ratbagp.blogspot.com/2011/01/howard-strauss.html … Actual quotes re: the introduction of electricity at Princeton.

Tesla vs Edison T-Shirt from Monsters of Grok

2011 Aug 31, 10:03Awesome shirt of Tesla/Edison in the style of the AC/DC logo.
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Testing the electric vehicle-to-grid connection

2010 Feb 22, 6:30Electric vehicles as components of the future smart electric grid, as roaming batteries providing power as necessary.PermalinkCommentscar electric-vehicle electricity power electric-grid

ThinkGeek :: Static Electricity Eliminator

2009 Dec 14, 2:12I've been very statically charged recently. May be the new couch?PermalinkCommentsgeek wishlist gift static electricity tool purchase

Dark Roasted Blend: Creepy High Voltage Installations

2007 Jul 4, 11:21Photos of a giant high voltage installationPermalinkCommentsphotos steampunk architecture electricity history science technology weird

500kV Switch Opening - Best of Google Video

2007 Apr 9, 11:18Video of a 500kV switch opening. Shocking!PermalinkCommentsvideo electricity google
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