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Benji Hughes – Discover music, videos, concerts, & pictures at Last.fm

2009 Dec 22, 7:17Listen to "Why do These Parties Always End" and "You Stood Me Up"PermalinkCommentsmusic benji-hughes electronica folk rock

A Brief History of Microsoft's Live Search's New Domain Bing

2009 Jun 1, 11:07
Logo for bing! from 2003 via The Wayback MachineLogo for BING* from 2006 via The Wayback MachineKimberly Saia's flickr photo of the Microsoft bing search logo.
When I heard that Live Search is now Bing one of my initial thoughts was how'd they get that domain name given the unavailability of pronouncable four letter .COM domain names. Well, the names been used in the past. Here now, via the Wayback Machine is a brief, somewhat speculative, and ultimately anticlimactic history of bing.com:

The new name reminds me of the show Friends. Also, I hope they get a new favicon - I don't enjoy the stretched 'b' nor its color scheme.

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Microsoft takes touchscreens to the next dimension - Short Sharp Science - New Scientist

2008 Oct 29, 3:09Video showing some more interesting touch screen ideas from Microsoft Research. A touch sensitive sphere that can accomodate multiple users and a table which projects one image onto itself and another image onto objects beyond itself: "But hold another piece of a translucent glass in the air above the table, and it catches a second ghostly image. This trick is in the tabletop glass, which electronically flickers between translucent and transparent 60 times per second, faster than the eye can notice."PermalinkCommentsresearch microsoft video touchscreen table

tettix (formerly cicada)

2008 Jul 10, 2:31Creative-Commons licensed mostly electronic music. Check out "earth's assault on the central ai" from technology crisis and "chrono trigger - magus" from choralseptic.PermalinkCommentscreativecommons cc free music electronica
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