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2016 Dec 6, 2:30
OH. MY. GOD. @SethBling MADE AN ATARI 2600 EMULATOR IN MINECRAFT. https://youtu.be/5nViIUfDMJg 

Internet Archive lets you play one of the earliest computer...

2014 Apr 28, 9:39

Internet Archive lets you play one of the earliest computer games Space War! emulated in JavaScript in the browser.

This entry covers the historical context of Space War!, and instructions for working with our in-browser emulator. The system doesn’t require installed plugins (although a more powerful machine and recent browser version is suggested).

The JSMESS emulator (a conversion of the larger MESS project) also contains a real-time portrayal of the lights and switches of a Digital PDP-1, as well as links to documentation and manuals for this $800,000 (2014 dollars) minicomputer.

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Javascript Nintendo emulator

2009 Sep 17, 11:12This Javascript Nintendo emulator works amazingly well in Google Chrome. You can play Dr. Mario, Super Mario Bros., Tetris, The Legend of Zelda, etc.PermalinkCommentsbrowser javascript nintendo nes game videogame google tetris emulator

FCEUX: cross-platform NES emulation for professionals

2009 Apr 15, 7:33The emulator behind those cool script based Mario hacks. "FCEUX is a cross platform, NTSC and PAL Famicom/NES emulator that ... gives the best of all worlds for the casual player, the ROM-hacking community, Lua Scripters, and the Tool-Assisted Speedrun Community."PermalinkCommentsemulator nintendo videogame software programming game

The Super Mario Bros. 3 'rainbow riding' LUA hack - Offworld

2009 Apr 15, 7:30Another cool Mario hack via some sort of awesome emulator: "...the FCEUX emulator includes a second LUA script that turns Super Mario Bros. 3 into the DS game Nintendo never made. The hack disables direct control of Mario completely, and only allows you to manipulate him (and protect him from the rest of the world) via mouse-drawn lines ala the DS's Kirby Canvas Curse and Atari's The Chase."PermalinkCommentsgame video mario smb3 videogame emulator

The Super Mario Bros. drag and drop LUA hack - Offworld

2009 Mar 17, 6:02"With LUA scripting included in the latest version of NES emulator FCEUX, Rusted Logic blogger Xkeeper has woven some black magic into Super Mario that gives you full keyboard/mouse control over your surroundings."PermalinkCommentsvideo youtube videogames videogame hack mario
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