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2015 Apr 11, 11:12
On "front doors" (lol) and key splitting: "FBI+Apple" is just FBI if Apple must do what FBI says. http://apps.washingtonpost.com/g/page/mobile/world/encryption-techniques-and-access-they-give/1665/ …

Guardian - Secrets, lies and Snowden’s email: why I was...

2014 May 21, 2:11

Guardian - Secrets, lies and Snowden’s email: why I was forced to shut down Lavabit

"For the first time, the founder of an encrypted email startup that was supposed to insure privacy for all reveals how the FBI and the US legal system made sure we don’t have the right to much privacy in the first place"

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Encrypted Web Traffic More Than Doubles

2014 May 18, 1:20

RT @PeerProd In Europe, encrypted traffic went from 1.47% to 6.10%, and in Latin America, it increased from 1.8% to 10.37%
http://www.wired.com/2014/05/sandvine-report/ #NSA

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In Depth Review: New NSA Documents Expose How Americans Can Be Spied on Without A Warrant

2013 Jun 21, 10:43

What It All Means: All Your Communications are Belong to U.S. In sum, if you use encryption they’ll keep your data forever. If you use Tor, they’ll keep your data for at least five years. If an American talks with someone outside the US, they’ll keep your data for five years. If you’re talking to your attorney, you don’t have any sense of privacy. And the NSA can hand over you information to the FBI for evidence of any crime, not just terrorism. All without a warrant or even a specific FISA order.

Not sure if this is saying all Tor data is collected or saying if someone uses Tor then start collecting that someone’s communication.

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eclecticmethod: Hackers

2013 Apr 13, 1:57


You don’t use the same password over and over right? Let’s be honest this is the day and age of the hacker. Eclectic Method brings you “Hackers” , Hollywood’s celebration of basement dwelling 128 bit encryption masters. They’ll shut down before you can trace them, hack into the mainframe…

Hack the planet!

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Lifetimes of cryptographic hash functions

2011 Jun 20, 11:25A cautionary tale in chart form: lesson is make sure you can always upgrade your hashing algorithm or don't have security dependencies on hashing algorithms.PermalinkCommentsreference hash encryption security table technical humor

Android App Aims to Allow Wiretap-Proof Cell Phone Calls « The Firewall - Forbes.com

2010 May 27, 8:53
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Senators call for end to anonymous, prepaid cell phones

2010 May 27, 8:52Time to stock up on prepaid anonymous cell phones before its too late! Or just use the call encryption Android application...PermalinkCommentsprivacy security cellphone anonymous politics government technical

obstcp - Google Code

2008 Oct 14, 11:14Similar in concept to the Pirate Bay suggestion of encrypting all TCP/IP connections if both server and client support it: "Obfuscated TCP is a transport layer protocol that adds opportunistic encryption. It's designed to hamper and detect large-scale wiretapping and corruption of TCP traffic on the Internet."PermalinkCommentsinternet tcp encryption security google privacy opensource cryptography network ssl

Pirate Bay wants total network encryption, but does anyone else?

2008 Jul 10, 4:44More on IPETEE w/ some of the politics and commentary. "The Pirate Bay has ambitious plans to bring end-to-end encryption to all network activity..."PermalinkCommentsarticle encryption privacy security ip cryptography

Technical Proposal (IPETEE) - TFR Wiki

2008 Jul 10, 4:43"The goal is to implement IP-transport encryption in a way that is transparent both to the IP-layer (including nodes in the network path) and to the applications that benefit from the encryption." Seems like a good idea to me.PermalinkCommentscryptography encryption internet privacy security ip wiki

Compressed web phone calls are easy to bug - tech - 12 June 2008 - New Scientist Tech

2008 Jun 19, 1:00"The new compression technique, called variable bitrate compression produces different size packets of data for different sounds...VoIP streams are encrypted to prevent eavesdropping. However, a team ... has shown that simply measuring the size of packetsPermalinkCommentssecurity privacy phone compression encryption blog article

Solving the Enigma - History of the Cryptanalytic Bombe

2008 Apr 9, 2:36History of Enigma in WW2: "One particular German code clerk continually used his girlfriend's name, Cillie, for his messages, and so these easy-to-guess indicators became known as "Cillies.""PermalinkCommentshistory encryption cryptography article security nsa enigma

CSE 590YA - Winter '02 - Lectures and Archived Materials

2008 Mar 10, 3:20Josh Benaloh / Brian LaMacchina encryption course at University of Washington available for free. Slides and audio from the course are available. Recommended by course through my company.PermalinkCommentsmath encryption education security csc todo

the cost of monoculture (Mozilla in Asia - Blog Archive)

2008 Feb 11, 5:50The story of South Korea's ActiveX web encryption scheme.PermalinkCommentsblog article ie internet microsoft mozilla security ssl activex korea south-korea seed

BBC NEWS | Technology | Colossus cracks codes once more

2007 Nov 15, 4:03Colossus set to compete against modern PC in decrypting Nazi messages in promotion of museum.PermalinkCommentsbbc article computer cryptography encryption hardware history turing

Encrypted E-Mail Company Hushmail Spills to Feds

2007 Nov 15, 12:27Article on encrypted email company Hushmail giving email up to The Man. Includes interview with Hushmail CTO Brian Smith.PermalinkCommentsencryption article cryptography crypto anonymity anonymous email government privacy webmail mail legal security

e-ignite: Webmail With Encryption and Signing

2007 Oct 15, 1:31This is a howto on using encryption with web based mail clients. This article suggests a FireFox plugin. I should look into doing this in IE.PermalinkCommentsemail secure webmail google gmail pgp encryption howto article

PGP Signing FOAF Files

2007 Oct 10, 9:21Howto on signing your FoaF documents.PermalinkCommentspgp security signing web trust foaf rdf semanticweb xml encryption howto

PuTTY: a free telnet/ssh client

2007 Apr 9, 5:15The SSH client I like to use.PermalinkCommentsclient ssh tool tools free encryption privacy putty security sftp setupnewcomputer
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