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Attention:!!!, Behold, you are reading a letter from your President Barack Obama.

2012 Sep 26, 2:43

Eric gets the most entertaining mail.

You have failed to comply with them after all the warning and instructions given to you, but since you are also among the terrorist we are facing in the country, I will personal make sure that I wipe away the crime in the state and I promise you that you will definitely pay with your life because I am here to protect the interest of my people and not to put them in shame, you suppose to support this government and not to spoil it.

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Understanding Enhanced Protected Mode

2012 Mar 23, 1:18

Eric Lawrence describes the new security features of IE10.

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"If there’s a way for a site to take dependency on a browser quirk, and break if that quirk is..."

2012 Feb 1, 5:10
“If there’s a way for a site to take dependency on a browser quirk, and break if that quirk is removed, it will happen.”

- -Eric Lawrence, Web Browser Legend
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IE9 RC Minor Changes List - EricLaw's IEInternals - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

2011 Feb 11, 5:37PermalinkCommentsie9 development technical ie browser web eric-lawrence

Caching Improvements in Internet Explorer 9 - IEBlog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

2010 Jul 14, 3:32PermalinkCommentseric-lawrence http cache performance web browser ie ie9 technical

Become a Web Debugging Virtuoso with Fiddler :: Sessions :: Microsoft PDC09

2009 Nov 19, 3:32Eric's talk at PDC on Fiddler.PermalinkCommentshttp eric-lawrence fiddler pdc video proxy microsoft windows debug debugger technical

EricLaw's IEInternals

2009 Jun 19, 5:36Eric Lawrence (yes, THE Eric Lawrence) has a blog on IE networking, security and other stuff.PermalinkCommentseric-lawrence blog technical ie ie8 network security

Add Search Providers to Internet Explorer 7

2007 Apr 8, 10:22Microsoft's page to add search providers to IE7. It also includes a simple tool to add search providers from any page.PermalinkCommentsie ie7 search opensearch microsoft tool eric-lawrence

Fiddler2 HTTP Debugger - Fiddler2

2006 Nov 27, 11:23Fiddler2 is a free tool that lets you view and fiddle with HTTP and now HTTPS traffic! Supports automated modification of traffic using javascript as well as manual modification using breakpoints. Very cool tool.PermalinkCommentseric-lawrence tool tools free internet http debugger debug fiddler fiddler2 microsoft proxy

Fiddler HTTP Debugger - Debugging Essentials

2006 Apr 7, 4:59Good tools for debugging IE problems.PermalinkCommentseric-lawrence fiddler tool tools debug development http http-header ie ie7 web internet

Web Browser User-Agent Information - Change IE's User Agent

2006 Feb 22, 2:28PermalinkCommentseric-lawrence fiddler http user-agent ie internet http-header

IEBlog : Powering up with Internet Explorer Extensibility

2006 Feb 9, 6:56PermalinkCommentsdevelopment dhtml ie microsoft web eric-lawrence bho hack software extensions extension blog

Eric Lawrence

2006 Feb 3, 12:19|Eric LawrencePermalinkCommentseric-lawrence blog homepage ie http monthly friend

Fiddler HTTP Debugger - Fiddler

2005 Apr 10, 12:52A great debugging tool from Mr. Eric Lawrence himselfPermalinkCommentshttp development ie security tools web eric-lawrence fiddler
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