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Meme-ify Your Home With These 10 Internet Wall Hangings Currently for Sale on Etsy

2010 Oct 22, 1:30PermalinkCommentscrafting DIY Etsy haters gonna hate home decor keyboard cat lolcats memes needlepoint pedobear Xzibit technical

Small Brain Slug Headband by ScavengingWoodrats on Etsy

2010 Jul 5, 9:49"This a small crocheted Brain Slug for your favorite Futurama fan!"
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Keep Calm and Carry Yarn poster 12 x 18 red by jenniegee on Etsy

2010 Jan 26, 1:42
PermalinkCommentshumor photo sign terrorism propaganda yarn

Streetsy: 40+ Streetartists You Should Know Besides Banksy

2008 Oct 22, 2:14"Everyone knows who Banksy is-- but the international streetart community has hundreds of other great artists that deserve your attention. Here's a selection of the very best."PermalinkCommentsart streetart graffiti banksy cultural-disobediance
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