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99percentinvisible: Walking was invented in Europe, according...

2014 Sep 29, 2:50


Walking was invented in Europe, according to this sign found by a friend in China. 

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Encrypted Web Traffic More Than Doubles

2014 May 18, 1:20

RT @PeerProd In Europe, encrypted traffic went from 1.47% to 6.10%, and in Latin America, it increased from 1.8% to 10.37% #NSA

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European Parliament Blocks Copyright Reform With 113% Voter Turnout (

2012 Mar 15, 4:05


This rather embarrassing issue was pointed out to the committee, the fact that there were three votes too many, and that these three votes determined the outcome. When this was done, along with formally requesting a re-vote, that re-vote on the points in question was denied.”

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[from sambrook] YouTube - Zeitgeist Europe 2010 - The Power of Data

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Atlas of True Names

2009 Nov 23, 2:20"The Atlas of True Names reveals the etymological roots, or original meanings, of the familiar terms on today's maps of the World, Europe, the British Isles and the United States. For instance, where you would normally expect to see the Sahara indicated, the Atlas gives you "The Tawny One", derived from Arab. es-sahra “the fawn coloured ,desert”."PermalinkCommentshumor reference map etymology translation atlas geography

EU objects to browser in Windows | Microsoft - CNET News

2009 Jan 16, 4:02"European regulators notified Microsoft it believes the software giant is in violation of the region's antitrust laws by bundling its Internet Explorer browser in Windows, the company said Friday."PermalinkCommentsmicrosoft news browser opera browser-war ie windows eu

Official Google Blog: Moving to Unicode 5.1

2008 May 7, 4:24Woo Unicode! "For the first time, we found that Unicode was the most frequent encoding found on web pages, overtaking both ASCII and Western European encodings"PermalinkCommentsgoogle encoding i18n utf8 unicode ascii web

Finally finished Baroque Cycle Novels

2008 May 2, 10:20
[The cover of Cryptonomicon][The cover of Quicksilver][The cover of The Confusion][The cover of The System of the World]

I've finally finished the Baroque Cycle, a historical fiction series set in the 17th and 18th centuries by Neal Stephenson whose work I always enjoy. There were often delays where I'd forget about the books until I had to take plane somewhere, or get discouraged reading about the character's thoughts on economics, or have difficulty finding the next volume, or become more engrossed in other books, projects or video games, and leave the Baroque Cycle books untouched for many months at a time. Consequently, my reading of this series has, I'm ashamed to say, spanned years. After finishing some books which I enjoy I end up hungry for just a bit more to read. For this series I don't need a bit more to read, I'm done with that, but I do want a badge or maybe a medal. Or barring that, college credit in European History and Macro Economics. I can recommend this book to anyone who has enjoyed Neal Stephenson's other work and has a few years of free time to kill.

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Learning America Smarter: Northern European Geography 101 (Diesel Sweeties Newsblog - Blog Archive)

2008 Feb 8, 11:21FTA: "I was quite troubled to realize today that I couldn't list ten major differences between Sweden and Norway. All my best Livejournal pals lent a hand and we came up with this not-entirely-comprehensive list."PermalinkCommentsmap humor via:boingboing norway sweden europe geography information visualization

GPS Luddites - the English countryside rebels against satnav | Decentralized Information Group (DIG) Breadcrumbs

2008 Jan 2, 2:13FTA: "Seems that a number of villages in the English countryside are being overrun by errant trans-European trucks which are regularly misdirected by their GPS satnav systems onto roads that were better suited for horse-drawn carriages than big, long-distPermalinkCommentsgps humor article metadata blog england

Missing Bee Roundup

2007 Apr 15, 4:06For the past several months I've seen various articles suggesting why bees are disappearing. At first I thought this was another crackpot's article that somehow made it onto But they keep coming and sometimes from credible sources. After the article I saw tonight I thought I should go back and put together the various articles I've read on this topic. Bees may be disappearing due to pesticides, new organic pathogens, genetically modified crops, mobile phones, or climate change. Apparently, the US hasn't been keeping accurate counts of its bees so we don't know the extent of the situation. There's an interview with Maryann Frazier, M.S., of the Dept. of Etymology at Penn State and a congressional hearing on the matter.

I know this is all very serious and could signal the end of our ecosystem as we know it, but I can't help throwing in the following links as well. The bees could be hiding in this Florida couple's kitchen. Or perhaps they're laying low while being trained by the government to fight terrorism. Or they're hiding in extra dimensions that we mere humans can't perceive (I'm fairly certain that's what this article is suggesting. Really. Read it. Seriously. Its awesome.)PermalinkCommentsroundup personal bees nontechnical

Digit Shapes

2007 Mar 29, 5:51Windows will use the localized digit shapes instead of the European 0, 1, ... 9 if preceded by the Unicode codepoint U+206E.PermalinkCommentsmicrosoft msdn windows unicode digit U+206E U+206F

Jake's Photos

2006 Dec 27, 6:35Photos from my old friend Jake. He has some very well done ones from Europe.|Jake MeltzerPermalinkCommentsjake photos blog photo friend

Commercial Exploitation of Europe's Public Sector Information

2006 Nov 27, 2:15Public bodies are by far the largest producers of information in Europe. This information is recognised as a major, but so far under-exploited asset, which could and should be a fundamental building block of the ‘new economy’ in the Information SociPermalinkCommentsstudy economics europe public-domain information government read

Oh Snap! Molly and Jake’s Europe Travel Blog!

2006 Sep 11, 10:00|Jake MeltzerPermalinkCommentsjake molly travel europe bloldg friend
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