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2015 Aug 16, 9:56
Who is stealing their trash bins? I still require closure from this excellent episode. http://www.maximumfun.org/judge-john-hodgman/judge-john-hodgman-episode-212-reduce-reuse-accuse …

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2015 Aug 2, 10:14
Just gave the CSP Rule Collector Fiddler extension from @David_Risney a run. This is excellent, highly recommended! https://twitter.com/ericlaw/status/627572451015168000 …

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2015 Mar 8, 9:44
Facemoji - face detection and overlay - http://facemoji.me/  - excellent user interface, too.

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2015 Feb 12, 6:29
Historical note for #mshtml is that cells did Excel style col/row indexing. Either single A7, or range A7:C12, Try it http://jsfiddle.net/16xcvwag/1/ 

Moving PowerShell data into Excel

2013 Aug 15, 10:04
PowerShell nicely includes ConvertTo-CSV and ConvertFrom-CSV which allow you to serialize and deserialize your PowerShell objects to and from CSV. Unfortunately the CSV produced by ConvertTo-CSV is not easily opened by Excel which expects by default different sets of delimiters and such. Looking online you'll find folks who recommend using automation via COM to create a new Excel instance and copy over the data in that fashion. This turns out to be very slow and impractical if you have large sets of data. However you can use automation to open CSV files with not the default set of delimiters. So the following isn't the best but it gets Excel to open a CSV file produced via ConvertTo-CSV and is faster than the other options:

$excel = New-Object -ComObject Excel.Application

$xlDelimited=1 # 1 = delimited, 2 = fixed width
$xlTextQualifierDoubleQuote=1 # 1= doublt quote, -4142 = no delim, 2 = single quote
$consequitiveDelim = $False;
$tabDelim = $False;
$semicolonDelim = $False;
$commaDelim = $True;

$excel.workbooks.OpenText($Path,$xlWindows,$StartRow,$xlDelimited,$xlTextQualifierDoubleQuote,$consequitiveDelim,$tabDelim,$semicolonDelim, $commaDelim);
See Workbooks.OpenText documentation for more information.
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Haven't Been Posting Much

2011 Oct 18, 4:52
I haven't been updating my blog recently. But I have three excellent reasons:


2010 Jun 29, 1:24

An excellent movie I'd never heard of. An entertaining and humorous sci-fi indie romance comedy. It stars Emma Caulfield (who I recognize as Anya from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) who obsesses over her timer, an implanted device that counts down to when she'll meet the love of her life. Thematically its similar to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind which similarly adds a scifi device to society in order to examine the value of failed relationships on a persons life.
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Dave's Wedding - Angie - Picasa Web Albums

2010 Jun 3, 6:32Angie's photos from my wedding. There are some excellent bunny slipper photos in there.
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This is the title of a typical incendiary blog post - Coyote Crossing

2010 Jan 28, 2:32A typical blog post with typical blog post comments... "This comment gives a link to a YouTube video which is proffered as an excellent example of the thesis of the post, but, is actually only tangentially so at best."PermalinkCommentshumor blog web troll

Essential Android Apps - - Gizmodo

2009 Dec 12, 12:56Gizmodo has a list of some excellent Android apps. Includes an OpenTable app, Flixster, and others. But doesn't mention the Aldiko, the ebook reader I like.PermalinkCommentsreference android g1 cellphone app


2009 Feb 5, 7:31Excellent retro intro! Be sure to watch the other two high-five videos too.PermalinkCommentshumor video obama awesome high-five funnyordie

Halloween and Gas Park Weekend

2008 Nov 4, 10:14

Gas Works Park, SeattleGas Works Park, SeattleThe weekend before last Sarah and I went down to Gas Works Park in Seattle. Gas Works Park is a former Seattle Gas Light Company gasification plant now turned into a park with the machinery kept intact and found right on the shore of Lake Union. There's a large hill right next to the plant with an embedded art installation from which you get an excellent view of the park and the lake. Anyway a very cool place. Afer, we ate at Julia's of Wallingford where I stereotypically had the Santa Cruz omelet. Good food, nice place, nice neighborhood.

Trick-or-Treat at MSFT by Matt SwannThis past weekend was Halloween weekend. On Halloween at Microsoft parents bring their kids around the office buildings and collect candy from those who have candy in their office. See Matt's photo of one such hallway at Microsoft. The next day Sarah and I went to two birthday parties the second of which required costume. I went as House (from the television show House) by putting on a suit jacket and carrying a cane. Sarah wore scrubs to lend cred. to my lazy costume. Oh yeah and on Sunday Sarah bought a new car.

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ANTLRWorks: The ANTLR GUI Development Environment

2008 Oct 2, 9:37Cool graphical ANTLR IDE! They didn't have this the last time I used ANTLR. "ANTLRWorks is a novel grammar development environment for ANTLR v3 grammars written by Jean Bovet (with suggested use cases from Terence Parr). It combines an excellent grammar-aware editor with an interpreter for rapid prototyping and a language-agnostic debugger for isolating grammar errors. ANTLRWorks helps eliminate grammar nondeterminisms, one of the most difficult problems for beginners and experts alike, by highlighting nondeterministic paths in the syntax diagram associated with a grammar."PermalinkCommentsantlr ide graph grammar tool free download development opensource java

Inside the Large Hadron Collider

2008 Sep 9, 8:33Wired's excellent and awesome photos from CERN's LHC. "On November 27, 2006, the final superconducting main magnet was delivered to CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC) -- the most ambitious physics experiment ever created."PermalinkCommentswired photos lhc cern science photo

Big data: Welcome to the petacentre : Nature News

2008 Sep 9, 8:29Article on the data centers that backup the Internet Archive and handle CERN's LHC's data. "CERN embodies borderlessness. The Swiss-French border is a drainage ditch running to one side of the cafeteria; it was shifted a few metres to allow that excellent establishment to trade the finicky French health codes for the more laissez-fair Swiss jurisdiction. And in the data sphere it is utterly global."PermalinkCommentslhc history internet cory-doctorow nature physics network hardware library science cern internet-archive

Dr. Horrible Link Roundup

2008 Aug 10, 3:33PermalinkCommentsdr. horrible doctor horrible humor link roundup

SPLITREASON.COM :: Time Travel t-shirt

2008 Jun 19, 11:10Most excellent! "Because time travel is still one of the most interesting motifs used in games, movies and on TV, we bring you this fine piece of cotton. Oh, and it comes from the future!"PermalinkCommentstshirt timetravel bttf purchase wishlist shirt

Martian Headsets - Joel on Software

2008 Mar 19, 11:30Excellent rant on the history and state of IE8's decision to default to super-standards mode vs IE7 mode.PermalinkCommentsbrowser internet browser-war ie microsoft history w3c standard standards html css joel-on-software

Microsoft Excel : Calculation Issue Update

2008 Feb 15, 6:47A bug in Excel causes values that should be 65k to be 100k.PermalinkCommentsexcel humor miscalculation bug

Portal is fun; the cake is a lie!

2007 Oct 22, 4:47I purchased the Orange Box off of Steam a bit ago and like others before me who have discussed elsewhere, I already owned two of the five games that come from the Orange Box. However, the combined price of HL2E2 and Portal, the two games I actually wanted was supposedly equivalent to the price of the Orange Box bundle. Incidentally, if anyone would like HL2 or HL2E1 I can gift them to you.

HL2E2 was excellent of course but the big surprise for me was Portal. (Mild spoilers follow) It has a sort of zen simplicity: there are a few simple game-play mechanics, a handful of textures and objects, and a deceptively simple story all used well and tied together to produce an entertaining and polished game. It seems a bit short but its probably better to end with the gamer demanding more. The humor and the sort of play within a play aspect of the game is what really sold me though. It has the funniest ending theme I've heard (also blogged by the creator). The voices of the automated turrets are so adorable I would feel compelled to hug them if they weren't always trying to kill me. Additionally the weighted companion cube seems like an experiment in understanding gamers' attachment to NPCs. In this case the NPC is a box and yet I still felt awful incinerating it. The whole time I was vaguely reminded of Solitary the reality show that sticks contestants alone in small rooms forcing them to endure various tests all the while being watched by a humorous computer with a female voice. Someone should sue...

RPS has articles on Portal including a Portal review, a page suggesting Portal is a tale of lesbianism, and others.PermalinkCommentshl2e2 game hl2 solitary valve portal nontechnical
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