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(via Pareidoloop) “Phil McCarthy’s Pareidoloop...

2012 Aug 6, 4:11

(via Pareidoloop)

“Phil McCarthy’s Pareidoloop overlays randomly generated polygons on top of one another until facial recognition software recognizes a human face. Can’t sleep, at SIGGRAPH! [via @Brandonn]”

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Face.com - Facial recognition web API

2012 Mar 30, 2:38

First tier of their service is free.  Supports age, gender, glasses, and mood as well as where the face is in an image all over a REST-ful web API.

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face.com developers site » Documentation

2010 May 10, 9:08A facial recogonition web service. Cool possibilities...PermalinkCommentsapi development free photo face facial-recognition technical
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