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Retweet of KernelMag

2016 Jan 16, 6:11
An oral history of A Special Thing, with @JimmyPardo & @ScottAukerman: http://trib.al/eIKf1DA  pic.twitter.com/W8dPw9cYt2

X-Icon Editor

2011 Apr 15, 8:13PermalinkCommentseditor icon favicon html5 online

Favimon (beta version)

2010 Dec 16, 3:33Fight favicons pokemon style.PermalinkCommentshumor game web favicon pokemon technical via:waxy

If It's Hip, It's Here: Craftsquatch Geeky Pillows & My Suite Stuff Adobe CS Pillows

2009 Aug 11, 7:36Its like favicons on pillows.
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A Brief History of Microsoft's Live Search's New Domain Bing

2009 Jun 1, 11:07
Logo for bing! from 2003 via The Wayback MachineLogo for BING* from 2006 via The Wayback MachineKimberly Saia's flickr photo of the Microsoft bing search logo.
When I heard that Live Search is now Bing one of my initial thoughts was how'd they get that domain name given the unavailability of pronouncable four letter .COM domain names. Well, the names been used in the past. Here now, via the Wayback Machine is a brief, somewhat speculative, and ultimately anticlimactic history of bing.com:

The new name reminds me of the show Friends. Also, I hope they get a new favicon - I don't enjoy the stretched 'b' nor its color scheme.

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Howto: iPhone Webclip icons

2008 Jan 16, 2:53These are as bad as favicons! Boo on URI space squatting.PermalinkCommentshowto apple iphone icon favicon webdesign web ipod development via:swannman

How to Add a Favicon to your Site - QA @ W3C

2007 Jan 22, 9:42In my continued efforts to learn about random web things and implement them on my page, here's the W3C's document on favorite icons. Update: Well what they said to do sure doesn't work in IE =)PermalinkCommentsfavicon w3c standards web icon html howto favorite

How to Add a Shortcut Icon to a Web Page

2006 Sep 14, 2:52PermalinkCommentsfavicon howto msdn tutorial html webdesign icon web ie

Web site metadata improving on robots.txt, w3c/p3p and favicon

2006 Mar 9, 7:06PermalinkCommentsweb p3p favicon robots internet metadata http html robots.txt
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