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2016 Jan 27, 9:57
FCC proposes replacing cable card with software based equivalent. Would be amazing if it could happen. http://arstechnica.com/business/2016/01/cable-lobby-is-really-mad-about-fccs-set-top-box-competition-plan/ …

FCC planning new Internet rules that will gut Net Neutrality. Get ready to pay more for the stuff you love online.

2014 Apr 24, 3:29
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Report: Kindle produces nearly no electrical interference. FAA: "LALALALALA"

2011 Dec 28, 3:34

FTA: “Nick Bilton put the FAA’s claims regarding Kindles and airline avionics to the test. The result? They emit less EM interference than planes are required by law to withstand.” Much less, apparently.

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WERBLOG - Blog Archive - Response from Michael Powell on McCain's tech plan

2008 Aug 14, 5:04"Former FCC Chairman Michael Powell sent me this response to my criticism of John McCain's technology policies." Michael Powell helped draft McCains technology policy and is responding to Kevin Werbach who helped draft Obama's technology policy.PermalinkCommentsmccain technology policy politics michael-powell kevin-werbach

RFC 3675 - .sex Considered Dangerous

2008 Jun 30, 3:55FCC wants nationwide free wifi that's free of porn. They should read this. "Periodically there are proposals to mandate the use of a special top level name or an IP address bit to flag "adult" "unsafe" material or the like. This document explains why thiPermalinkCommentsdomain dns rfc ietf internet porn government politics censorship

One-on-one with FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein: Page 1

2008 Jun 10, 3:34ArsTechnica has an interview with FCC commissioner Jonathan Adelstein. Talks about policy in general with an eye towards net neutrality.PermalinkCommentsinterview fcc jonathan-adelstein arstechnica article

Comcast Blocking: First the Internet - Now the Public (Save the Internet Blog - Blog Archive)

2008 Feb 26, 2:47"Comcast - or someone who really, really likes Comcast - evidently bused in its own crowd. These seat-warmers, were paid to fill the room, a move that kept others from taking part."PermalinkCommentscomcast article internet net-neutrality government fcc
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