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2008 Nov 5, 3:51This site has example implementations for feedsync: "The FeedSync Specification is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License and the Microsoft Open Specification Promise. Microsoft encourages developers to create independent implementations of the FeedSync specification. See the Developer page for more information on how to write a FeedSync enabled application, and the Implementations page to see how people are using FeedSync already."PermalinkCommentsfree software development feedsync feed microsoft live windows rss sse

Windows Live Incubation - Synchronization Service

2008 Nov 5, 3:48MS Live Labs has a feed sync service for generically managing feedsync feeds (formerly SSE). "Welcome to the FeedSync Service. Sign in to setup and manage your FeedSync feeds today!"PermalinkCommentssse feedsync feed windows microsoft live tool rss beta

FeedSync 1.0 Spec (formerly known as SSE)

2007 Dec 6, 12:24The spec for FeedSync which allows for synchronizing RSS and Atom files among multiple machines.PermalinkCommentssse rss atom feedsync feed specification microsoft
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