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A whole Richard Feynman Talks collection by Brian Norgard...

2012 Feb 29, 10:19

A whole Richard Feynman Talks collection by Brian Norgard contains wonderful videos like this.

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Microsoft Interview Questions

2010 Feb 22, 3:23This doesn't seem real but its still funny. If Feynman answered the 'why are manholes round' question: "... Interviewer: But just considering the round ones, why are they round? Feynman: If we are just considering the round ones, then they are round by definition. That statement is a tautology. ..."PermalinkCommentshumor feynman microsoft puzzle interview

Language Log ยป Google Books: A Metadata Train Wreck

2009 Sep 10, 8:22Geoff Nunberg investigates issues in Google Books and in the comments Google Book's team manager responds in the comments. Apparently metadata is bad everywhere and not an issue new to the Web and user generated content or tagging. Like finding Feynman lectures categorized as Death Metal on Napster back in the day.PermalinkCommentslanguage google library metadata catalog

The Messenger Series - Microsoft Research

2009 Jul 15, 10:48"With a little help from Bill Gates (who secured the rights using personal funds), Microsoft is presenting a series of lectures on physics by Richard Feynman." The videos have subtitles, annotations and links.PermalinkCommentsrichard-feynman video bill-gates microsoft research physics education via:kottke

Feynman on trains

2009 Jul 7, 7:36Two things I like: trains and Feynman, together at last.PermalinkCommentstrain richard-feynman youtube video physics

You may use your class notes and Feynman (Bill Ward - All - Humor - Story)

2009 Jun 29, 1:23"'You have 3 hours. You may use your class notes and Feynman.' "Feynman" of course referred the Feynman physics lecture notes which are published in three volumes. On reading these instructions one particularly alert student grabbed his exam and ..."PermalinkCommentshumor richard-feynman physics education

xkcd - Blog Archive - The Goddamn Airplane on the Goddamn Treadmill

2008 Oct 10, 1:32Xkcd providing answers to questions that I forgot I had, like what is the answer to the lawn-sprinkler question from Surely You're Joking Mr. Feynman. "Feynman used to tell a story about a simple lawn-sprinkler physics problem. The nifty thing about the problem was that the answer was immediately obvious, but to some people it was immediately obvious one way and to some it was immediately obvious the other. (For the record, the answer to Feynman problem, which he never tells you in his book, was that the sprinkler doesn't move at all. Moreover, he only brought it up to start an argument to act as a diversion while he seduced your mother in the other room.)"PermalinkCommentshumor feynman comic blog xkcd physics science math

Richard Feynman and the Connection Machine

2008 May 30, 10:52'"Richard Feynman reporting for duty. OK, boss, what's my assignment?" The assembled group of not-quite-graduated MIT students was astounded.... So we sent him out to buy some office supplies.'PermalinkCommentshistory richard-feynman programming computer article essay technology physics science via:swannman

Richard Feynman: The Pleasure of Figuring Randi's Tricks Out (The Amazing Show starring James Randi - Blog Archive)

2008 Feb 24, 8:35The Amazing Randi discusses his friendship with Richard Feynman. FTA: "Randi discusses his friendship with Nobel prize winner, CalTech professor and Far Rockaway, NY native Richard Feynman."PermalinkCommentsrichard-feynman amazing-randi podcast mp3 audio

Documentary interview with Dr. RP Feynman

2006 Apr 17, 6:22Excellent short 40 min documentary interview with Dr. RP Feynman- one of the greatest physicist of our times and a Nobel Laureate. Specially uploaded for students of NSIT.PermalinkCommentsrichard-feynman the-pleasure-of-finding-things-out documentary interview google video
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