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laughingsquid: Time Travel in Movies Flowchart

2013 Apr 15, 3:41


Time Travel in Movies Flowchart

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Flowchart: Understanding the Web, for Fans of Charles Dickens | Fast Company

2010 Oct 28, 8:26Time travel, flow charts, and humor.PermalinkCommentsflowchart time-travel humor image

Choose Your Own Adventure – Most Likely You’ll Die | FlowingData

2009 Aug 11, 5:21"Michael Niggel took a look at Journey Under the Sea, and mapped out all possible paths. It turns out that death and unfavorable endings are in fact much more likely than the rest."PermalinkCommentsvisualization via:ethan_t_hein literature fiction if interactive flowchart infographics chooseyourownadventure

Chart Porn: Create Your Own Original Star Trek Story

2009 Feb 10, 9:30A flowchart to help you create a Star Trek (TOS) episode.PermalinkCommentshumor howto scifi startrek television chart visualization tv flowchart

Flowchart: HOWTO determine internet truth. - Boing Boing

2007 Dec 7, 12:46"Steps to determine the factual content of a statement" in flowchart form.PermalinkCommentsimage humor truth internet chart
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